Sunday, June 17, 2007

Short recap;

Friday = Work. Shopping, and then dinner at Vicky and Carl’s house with bigsiss and kids. We had a barbeque in they’re garden, but because of the weather we had to eat indoors. It was really nice. Talked to Jean she was been in a car crash the day before. I’m happy that she’s okay!!! She is quite upset about the car. I tried to tell her that IT’S JUST A CAR, THE MAIN THING IS THAT YOUR OKAY!!!
Saturday = More shopping for my work. In the afternoon I went to mums house where bigsiss is staying at the moment. Lillsiss came over so that the kinds could play. We had pizza for dinner.
I and my bigsiss watched “The Holiday”. Cute movie but we found our self’s getting irritated with all the cute/silly faces the made all the time. Oh look at me I’m so cute…this romantic...yada yada yada.

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