Friday, October 31, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about how I wasn’t sure if I (once again) should post this or not. I was playing around with my camera and taking self-portrait for a project I am working on. And even though this is a self-portrait, the eyes really shocked me. I don’t see it when I look in the mirror, and now I wonder is this how I look when I am not aware of that someone is looking at me. I used a self-timer and the camera was just clicking away and for a split second I dropped my guard and concentration and my thoughts drifted away, away to places that I don’t usually let my self drift. Places where I often end up at night in my deepest sleep. The places where I revisit the “place”, the “waiting room”. Even though I know that they are all at peace and free now, and that that is the only way I should picture them. I do that and it is a good feeling but if I am not really careful my mind will drift to the place that frightens and haunts me the the things I’ve seen and the moments I have shared with loved ones in a place that I call “The waiting room of death”.
While going thru all the pictures I took I found this one, and in my eyes I could see the things I’ve seen.

Over and out

Monday, October 27, 2008

Random thoughts...

Update: My LO was put in the OLW "Imagine" slide show, YAY!!!!! Thank you 2 the girls on the OLW-DT!!!!
I used this weeks OLW word "Imagine" for my inspo. Love the OLW challenges!
...about how I know I look totally insane in the pictures on this layout! What can I say to my defence more than I had a “crazy woman on a bad hair and too little sleep day” day!!! I wasn’t sure at first if I should post this LO with these pics or not since I totally look like a nutcase in all of them. But I refuse to let my vanity get the best of me......maybe this is a bad idea and I will regret this for ever, ever and evah.
Anyhoooo this is my layout for week #94 over at Color Combos Galore. I received my weekly colour combo e-mail from Janet and once again with a really hard combo to scrap. I love getting the CCG e-mail every week and you know I really love a challenge. At first this combo was a bit of an “Easter combo” to me. Think it is the green and yellowish thingy that makes it such an “Easter combo”. Colours are funny in that way, how different combinations automatically make you think of certain things. I like how this combo turned out on my LO and mostly because of the pop that the coal and the titanium white made in combo with the electric lime and goldenrod.

I did brush my hair before I went out of the comfort(zone) of my home:)

If you want to take part in this weeks challenge go here
Color Combos Galore,Color Combo #94.
Over and out

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about a good day....don't feel like writing but I wanted to share that it was a good day, yes indeed a good day it was:)

Over and out

(there are LO’s waiting to be done).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Random thoughts...

Ohhh crappy pictures taken on a crappy day....well isn’t that pleasant....

...about how some days aren’t meant to be spent in the company of others! I thank them for trying... really do...
I instead of getting up today should have pulled the duvet over my head and gotten right back to sleep! What a crappy day! Not even Bob aka Mr Moustache, my mum, Jean or Miss H could cheer me up.
The only good thing with being in a bad mode is that it makes me work twice as hard :). So I got a lot done today and that is good. Then when the evening finally came I was so insanely bored with being in a bad mode I foolishly thought that doing the dishes would give me some well needed “enjoyment”. While doing the dishes I listened to my old confidant Nina Simone. I had it on so loud that it made all the other “noises” disappear. Happy, happy joy, joy sometimes I really love that the walls around me are as thick as the walls off a fortress (did I made any sense in that sentence? I think not).

When one of my (many) fave songs came on, I just left the sink and started scraping the lyrics of it. I really love that song.....”Let it be me” could she be more brilliant(?).
Anyhoooo I have this old deck of cards that I got from an “old friend” once. That old deck means a lot to me silly enough. I have it laying on my desk and when I get that “old feeling” of needing to scrap something small, but that feels really important. I pick a card that hopefully and in some way will describe what I am feeling and thinking of at the moment. I left some of the original pattern showing on the back of the card. Don’t really know why but I think it is because I don’t ever want to forget where the card came from (any sense here? Ahhhh it sounded great in my head and I actually do understand what I mean....I think).

I woke up in an extremely bad mode, and I will go to sleep in an even worse one........”Tomorrow is another day” and I will hopefully do the rest of the dishes (it is only a few coffee cups mum!) filled with happiness and joy.........happy, happy joy, joy!!!

Over and out...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about my LO for week #93 at Color Combos Galore. The pic is from late this summer when Ed, my lillsiss (I know, I know lilsis) and I had one of our lunches. The kind of lunch that is not planed, but the kind you have when you just don’t feel like being bothered with all the hassle of making it on your own. And yes Ed always makes funny faces and pretends that she is sick and tired of us taking pictures of her.......and the she asks if she can see them :) When I first got the #93 combo I was not really sure about how I was going to use it on my LO. This combo was a fun and some what hard one to work with. I guess that I at first was a little bit “frightened” by the orange and deep orchid combo, it made me think of Halloween and I didn’t want to make a Halloween LO. I new what pictures I wanted to scrap and tried a lot of different pp’s and coloured cardstock. So I challenged my self by making a summer LO with the more Halloween(ish) combo. I gave myself a breake and used white cardstock. :)
I think I like how it turned out.

If you want to take part in this weeks challenge go here Color Combos Galore,Color Combo #93.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about how the matching outfit is vital in Sunday nerding, VITALE!!!
If you ever wondered what nerds really, really do on Sundays...Here it is!
8-l, 8-l 8-l 8-l alert!!! What else can I say? Think I just better be quiet for a while and let this embarrassing moment pass....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Random thoughts...

The colours this week are; sunflower - alabaster - charcoal gray - silver

...about how much I really loved this weeks combo. I love and I really loved working with the combo. I love the LO I made..... pp, CS, silver star, tiny record, layering or is it just the pics of mr Bob aka mr Moustache that I love?:)
Love, love, love today I love the word LOVE! The word of today is L. O. V. E.
Just realised that I am out of candy, no candy in the house is never a good thing so I have to go shopping for some, right now at once. So no more blogging but that isn’t really a great loss since my post isn’t making much sense anyhoooo.

And oh I went to the gym today haven’t mentioned that in a while. I go twice a week and I still believe that my personal trainer is trying to kill me. After the training I met up with miss H for some latte and ice cream. Just to make sure that the trainer hadn’t totally brainwashed me with all her “crazy” nonsense ramblings about health and stuff.

If you want to take part in this weeks challenge go here over at
Color Combos Galore,Color Combo #92.

Over and out

Friday, October 3, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about my "Boooo, Scrapblog Halloween Challenge 2008" LO.

I made this one over at Scrapblog today. Had a really fun time making it, love that there is no mess what so ever on my desk....digi is kind of cool in that way :)
Have a great weekend!!!