Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Random thoughts...

The colours this week are; sunflower - alabaster - charcoal gray - silver

...about how much I really loved this weeks combo. I love and I really loved working with the combo. I love the LO I made..... pp, CS, silver star, tiny record, layering or is it just the pics of mr Bob aka mr Moustache that I love?:)
Love, love, love today I love the word LOVE! The word of today is L. O. V. E.
Just realised that I am out of candy, no candy in the house is never a good thing so I have to go shopping for some, right now at once. So no more blogging but that isn’t really a great loss since my post isn’t making much sense anyhoooo.

And oh I went to the gym today haven’t mentioned that in a while. I go twice a week and I still believe that my personal trainer is trying to kill me. After the training I met up with miss H for some latte and ice cream. Just to make sure that the trainer hadn’t totally brainwashed me with all her “crazy” nonsense ramblings about health and stuff.

If you want to take part in this weeks challenge go here over at
Color Combos Galore,Color Combo #92.

Over and out