Monday, March 31, 2008

Random thoughts...

The journaling reads; Sisters and best friends!
Ed one day you will understand, how blessed you are to have a sister like Ally,
that always puts up with your crazy ideas.
This weeks LO, Color Combo Galore#65. Come on over and play at Color Combos Galore, the colours/colors are really fantastic and super inspiring.

...about the life of a family and a new puppy called it is not it is only some pictures from yesterday.

The kids really wanted to “schwapbook” as Alli calls it. So me, lillsiss Barbie and the kids had a “babycrop” at mum’s house. It was lots of fun. Ed was mostly interested in looking at the pictures of Grandpa and then she wanted to put the cap on and of the glue stick about a million times, she was also actually quite good at cutting the pp in incredibly tiny pieces. Ally was super concentrated the whole time. She is always so creative in her way of thinking; it is so fun and interesting to watch her when she is creating some thing with her hands. There is an artist in that little girl.
Schwapbooking, pancakes for lunch and pizza for dinner this was most certainly a good day.
Just the way I want my Sundays to be...

And Alli wanted to be picked up early today so that she could go home and “schwapbook” :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about Sister Andys 40th B-day! I know you don't want to talk about getting older, but just remember that older (can be) wiser...

Happy birtday sweetie hope that you have a fantastic day and that you get lots of birthday cake!!! See you next week.

Over and out!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about Barbie. This is a picture of my little sister “Barbie” (we call her that because she is so tiny) when she was three, she had a really strong will and spirit. And she still has and I truly love her for it (but sometimes it drives me mad :)). That will has taken her very far in life and she has achieved many of her goals and dreams (and many more to come in the future). We are all really proud of her WTG Barbie!!!
I really love this picture of her.
BTW Barbielicious
You can really see where the kids get it from!!! :)
So the next time you think they are being to strong willed, just remember that you where exactly the same Barb:) Oh my word you where the boss of the house for quite sometime...

Sorry for the bad scaning
Update this just in!
Extra extra read all about it!!!
Important message in lillsissland Barbie just started scrapbooking! Today the woman we call Barbie made her first LO (´s). We (Lillsiss and bigsiss) are so happy that the constant nagging finally paid of. Welcome to the world of organizing, collecting, herding and pattern paper obsession Barbie:). Now the three of us must start with the nag, pester and persuasion of mother:)
Whooooohaaaaa soon we will all scrap...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about this layout. It is my LO for this weeks ScrapMOJO challenge. It has a Dr S theme and you know how much I love Dr S. I used the quote;

And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed!
Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!”

And this picture for my insperation.

The Lo was inspired from the events of the last couple of days and yesterdays post:)
To keep it simple, but with a powerful message. Really simple and not hiding and getting lost in and behind lots of “pretty” elements. Just a clean surface. With enough free space around me to allows me to grow...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about how my body is my temple and this temple have been mighty tired. I had the day of from work today, or I should say that I gave my self the permission to take the day of today.
I had a meeting yesterday that has been eating me from inside the last month. I have been working on this project that I had to pitch yesterday and I if truth be told was terrified. I really believe in my self and my work but there was a lot depending on the outcome of the meeting. Thankfully it went beyond my expectation and imagination so I could finally breathe out for the first time in over a month. This was only the first meeting out of three but at the moment I feel more than satisfied. I will write more about this some other time, but the temple is tierd now...

After the meeting I treated my self to some new stuff. No I didn’t spend my hard earned money on anything I didn’t need. Among others things I really needed a puncher (that I really, really wanted). Most women would have bought shoes and I didn’t do that so I think I did good. After that I meet up with C for some conversation and a little bite to eat (that is how a woman should put it right, even dough I eat more than most men a girl can pretend right). It was nice even if I was like in a cloud of peanut butter ( don’t really know how else to put it, I was like happy, sweet and rather slow in my thoughts and movements).

And today I slept like there was no tomorrow!!! Then I had coffee in bed and watched Oprah. Now you might get why I consider my body a temple. Oprah is always right and if she says that the body is a temple it must be true. The show was about losing weight, listening to your body and stuff. Then I strode to the computer like a princess in my PJ’s and checked my e-mail, chatted with friends that was at work(silly people:)) and then I had a little work that had to be done. Then I looked at old episodes of the View (while working and having a chocolate cake and coffee lunch). Worked for 4 hours and then the temple wanted to have a nap. I did so you can’t go against the temple’s wish, that is not good according to Oprah. Woke up and watched a little TV. Got a tiny little bit mega crazy hungry. Got dressed and strode yet again like a princess to my mums house, that is on the way to the place where I was going to buy the food of the temples wishes. It was only a quick stop to say hi the temple was eager to get what the temple had cravings for, and it was; Chèvre, delicacy beetroot ( don’t know why the are called that, the only deferens that I can see is that the are smaller and they are frightfully clean in the “cute” little plastic bag. Regular beetroots are big and dirty:) they taste the same. But the temple like the word delicacy, and so the temple will get delicacy). Delicacy cherry tomatoes (what is it with delicacy? Is it for real or is it for fooling people like me, that think they are really good chefs just because it says delicacy in the store regarding the product? No it must be better quality since the price is much higher, right? Can you say fished in, BTW don’t forget to make appropriate gills flapping hand movements while saying it).All of this baked in the oven on slices of a “French” baguette with drizzled honey on top of it. With this mountain of goodness I had a baby spinach salad topped with toasted pine nuts and Crema di Balsamico and drank apple cider. I wish that I liked wine it probably would have been perfect for this “delicacy” dinner for the temple.And for desert CANDY! And we are talking an obscene amount of candy!!!

This is what I did today and I started a small kitchen fire (again) and that was about it...

Over and out
Lillsiss the lill temple

Monday, March 24, 2008

Random thoughts...

The LO is of Alli and the journaling reads;Don’t ever let anyone steal your hopes,
dreams or expectations they are yours and yours only. And you are the only one
that decide if they are possible to achieve or not.

...about how you say you read my blog....but do you really, and I mean really, really read it?

I diden’t tell a single soul about this (except bigsiss, always gotta tell her about news in my life, good or bad. You could consider her as my diary or maybe she is my inner self, this is really getting out of hand leaving the subject and will think about it and come back...). Lets see who will call me....
Childish I know, but isn’t it great to be childish when you want to:)
I was so close to telling my mum yesterday when she called, sorry mum for being so "no talkative" yesterday on the phone. I just had a hard time keeping the secret:)

Well well anyhoo the happy news in lillsissland that I mentioned yesterday is that I am the newest member of the ultra fab Color Combos Galore DT!!! YayYahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
I f you know me you know that I am totally crazy about colours (many of you may say colors and that is okay) and being apart of this team is super exiting. Just the thought of getting Janet’s carefully composed Color/colour Combos in the mail is just majorllyfabolisousness (as you know I make up words when happy). I have been taking taking part in Janet’s (JanetB0601) lovely CC before:) but now I am doing it as a regular DT member. Feels great, I tell you, great!!!

Important message; for those of you that have never read my blog before I am not bananas I just like teasing my family and friends. I repeat I am not (totally) bananas.

And yeah I went kung foo all over again...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about a quick post. This is not a really a “random thought” but it is a quick post that could be considered a random thought. Well well the sun is shining and I need some ice cream. Will post later if I don’t forget about it. There is good news in Lillsissland...but I think I will have to post them tomorrow instead.
Made this one of Mie today just felt like scraping something while having my Sunday morning coffee and Skyping my bigsiss.

The way it is supposed to be. Cant believe I misspelled Mie to Mei, I will never complain about the adhesive on the letters not being sticky enough...

I am not ashamed of my mistakes....NOT!!! Posting this as a reminder to self to take things a bit slower.

Over and out Lillsisslill
Note To Self: post about Easter.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Random thoughts...

..about me not being on top of this whole blog updating thing.
I am just working to hard (as usual, not complaining but I could if I wanted to). If I was to fall and hurt myself there would not be any blood it would be pure coffee with some lumps of chocolate now and then coming out of me. I just took a tiny lunch break and scraped a lillold page for my “secret mini” with a Note To Self theme.

Over and out there is more work to be done, or I’ll have yet another cup of coffee and post it in my SB galleries first.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about Mie and how much I love her face in this picture! That’s my girl, miss crazy funny face!!! There are three people working on her hair and she couldn’t care less. She is such a fun little person to be around.
♥Your so cute, love you Mie!!!
Journaling reads; "Oh the places you'll go, but don’t forget to always let us know where you are”.
I used some flowers from a E-Cuts kit called Eden from And some overlays that I made.
The theme of this LO is from this weeks ScrapMOJO challenge. They have a Dr S theme so I just had to play. As you know me and Dr S is like this (showing you with my fingers).
Yay!!! My “Oh the places you’ll go” LO was put among the faves at the ScrapMOJO.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Random thoughts

...about OLW, winning and phone calls.
(Totally uncensored and with no spelling or grammar check!)

Everyone that knows me knows that I am a really cranky morning person, so this morning I was sitting and working and I hade my coffee and was lurking on some of my fave blogs….and came over to the OLW challenge blog…. I won , look at me now I’m dancing!!! I won and it’s on OLW ya’ll!I am happy dancing, crying, singing, sobbing and doing really cool kung fu moves all over the place. (Don’t know why I do the kung fu moves but it feels right!!!).

I had to call my Bigsiss on Skype (my Bigsiss that is getting ready to go to bed, dang the whole thing of living on different sides of the planet). My BIL answered and I was like –IS BIGSISS THERE?!!!!

BIL- she is trying to make DJ go back to sleep.

Me- Okay tell her to call me at once

BIL- Okay.

Me……Oh sorry I forgot to say Hi and how are you?

BIL- it’s okay J (the poor guy is kind of used to me and my Bigsiss bad phone manners when we only want to talk to each other, BTW I just talked to her 20 mins before this call, to thank her for sending me a surprise gift of a subscription to Memory Makers magazine for two years, how sweet can a Bigsiss be♥).Then we talked for a bit about yadayadayada. Then Bigsiss came to the phone (I call Skype phone even if I know is via the computer).

Bigsiss- Hi what happened.

Me- nothing really, I just wanted you to see this (sent a link to OLW via the chatt).

Bigsiss- WINNER!!!, YOU ARE THE WINNER, YOU WOOOOON!!! And with an LO with a picture of you on it ( people seam to think it is strange that I hardly ever use pics of me that I post). WTG Lill!!! GOOD for you congrats yadayadayada!!!

I love that she is always so genuinely happy and super suportive of me and that we sill always share all parts of our life’s!

Called my (always travelling) mama who thankfully had her cell phone on (she is on her way to spend a week at my sister Andy’s house, babysitting her teenager:)) I screamed in her ear I WOOOOOON, I WOOOOON, I woooon mum, I wooon!!! My mum is now I’m afraid deaf on her right ear but I think she thinks it is worth it since her “baby” WOOOOON!!!

My fried Jea called about something else, but the conversation ended up at that I WOOOON!!! And I called Miss H and you know how the story goes….I will probably call everyone I ever met and just shout I WOOOOON!!!

Well, well silly Lill you have to get a hold of yourself and act like a graceful winner now.

I really want to say a big thank you to Amber, Gigi, Jessi, Karla, Lynn, Tiff and Ronda!!!

And all jokes aside this really means a lot to me. More than most of you will ever know. It is not just the winning in it self, it is that I am always inspired by the OLW words and that this time I got up the courage to post something so “exposed” and “un-cute”. The message in the LO is about so many things in my life that I have to constantly struggle with in life.

Once again thank you!!!

Winning with this LO made me very happy and now I will hold my head up and my back strait (pun totally intended, toot, toot Scoliosis in da house, don’t worry I look fine (I’m so vain) it only hurts like…). Tonight I will celebrate with chocolate cake:)

Congrats to all the scraper that have their beautiful fab projects in the OLW caught our eyes section.



Sunday, March 9, 2008

Random thoughts...

about...well all I can say is that it's all written in the hidden journaling :).

Happy Sunday!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy B day Chi chi!!!

Journaling reads:
You my friend are truly a beautiful spirit. The kind of joy, friendship and love you bring in to our lives is something most people can only dream of. We are so blessed and forever grateful to have you in our life and in our family. The say friends are kisses blown to us by angels and the day you came into our life the whole angel choir must have been working together.

♥ We love you Chi chi ♥

And I am celebrating in the spirit of Chi chi (as I call her) by giving away a free journaling spot, if you like it you can just download and print.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Random thoughts...

…about good news in Lillsissland

I have been asked to be guest designer for Quirio kits (don’t know when yet) and on Scrapmusik in April. Okay I know it is not happening now today or even this month, but it made me happy and I wanted to share. I have been having a mega pity party since I have been sick (fever and my eyes are driving me completely nuts, and that is why they are being punished and not allowed to be in the “happy” picture). I have of course self medicated with my fave home remedy “Los chocolate cakeos” (as in fridge picture below) and I think it is working. Feeling a bit better already.

Over and out

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about my fridge…

This is my fridge but without the lactose-free milk that I hade forgotten to buy (4 days in a row). Something chocolate, marmalade and jam is always in my fridge. Couldn’t live without it. And of course the fridge Smurfs, love how the great me every time I open the door. I love chocolate and especially chocolate cakes that are almost exactly as good as home made but they are bought and therefore you don’t need to do the dishes after baking, witch makes them even sweeter. I don’t like cooking and I hardly ever do and when I do I mostly burn the food I am trying to cook.

A fridge…a fridge…my kingdom for a full fridge!!!

Oh no I don’t really mean it when I say my kingdom for a full fridge, because sometimes I go bananas and buy lots of things that I “think” I will cook and then all of a sudden the are “old” and I have to trough them away.

I took this picture for the Overlooked subject III- The Fridge