Saturday, March 29, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about Barbie. This is a picture of my little sister “Barbie” (we call her that because she is so tiny) when she was three, she had a really strong will and spirit. And she still has and I truly love her for it (but sometimes it drives me mad :)). That will has taken her very far in life and she has achieved many of her goals and dreams (and many more to come in the future). We are all really proud of her WTG Barbie!!!
I really love this picture of her.
BTW Barbielicious
You can really see where the kids get it from!!! :)
So the next time you think they are being to strong willed, just remember that you where exactly the same Barb:) Oh my word you where the boss of the house for quite sometime...

Sorry for the bad scaning
Update this just in!
Extra extra read all about it!!!
Important message in lillsissland Barbie just started scrapbooking! Today the woman we call Barbie made her first LO (´s). We (Lillsiss and bigsiss) are so happy that the constant nagging finally paid of. Welcome to the world of organizing, collecting, herding and pattern paper obsession Barbie:). Now the three of us must start with the nag, pester and persuasion of mother:)
Whooooohaaaaa soon we will all scrap...


Anonymous said...

Cute cute, barbiecute... looks just like E och A. =)


Anonymous said...

Oh my wöööörd!!!!
Super cute LO and happy to hear the news about LillLillSiss!!!!