Friday, January 30, 2009

Random thoughts...

Update: YAY me!!! The LO was put int OLW "cought our eye slide". YAY!!! Thanks OLW-DT girls! :)
...about how I diden't make any journaling on this LO, the title says it all...I think.
So true Lillsisslill, oh so true... I had a really bad day today, but when I started to work on this one it made it a "good day" :)
I made this LO with inspo from OLW "living" and Dreamgirls "I'm not" challenges.

Over and Out
The weekend is finally here!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random thoughts...

YAY it day later:)

Still not working....BLOGGER!!! COME ON!!!! DARLING, SWEETIE...please?!
I am having trouble uploading my LO-pic, will try later. I am starting to back away from the computer before I hurt it, going, going.....gone!!!
...about how I said before that it ain't all good in Lillsissland, but I am getting there:)
Here is my LO for week #107 over at CCG.
Journaling reads; Words are just letters put together, but they can still hurt like... Words can lift your spirit and give you wings, they can make you fly with hope, faith and dignity. The can set your heart on fire and make you believe. Or they can slowly burn the wings of hope. Feather by feather...until the fire reaches the heart and turn it into ashes of lost hope. I choose the words I take to heart, and I chose the words that will lift me up and make me fly! ....I’m rubber and you are glue...

If you want to take part in this weeks challenge go here; Color Combos Galore

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random thoughts...

On the way home from mum’s house I came to think about the lyrics of this song "I am Weary (Let Me Rest)" by The Cox Family. The lyrics goes; “Throw your loving arms around me, I am weary let me rest” I think this picture of me, it really describes the feeling and my mood this day.

...about how it isn't all just happy happy joy joy in Lillsissland. I said I would blog today but man ohhhhhh man I’m tired!!! Today was filled with so much work, ideas and emotions and other crap, so now I will have to go to sleep. It has been one of those days that you wished never happened, one of those really incredibly bad days, that are bad with no particular reason(?).
Just a quick note; I have the best mother ever!!! I called her and we talked about “nothing” but I think she heard in my voice that I needed my mum. She said - come on over and have dinner tonight. I said that I would come, but that it had to be later, that I had some stuff to finish working on first. She said that it was ok and I could come home when ever I was done. My aunt Gloria was there as well, and they had already eaten when I got there (since I couldn’t make it in time for dinner). As soon as I came HOME my mum started to fix my dinner, so that I could get a fresh steak. No leftovers for me:). THANK YOU MUM, I SO NEEDED YOUR LOVE AND CONCERN TODAY!!!

Over and Out

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random thoughts...

POTD 090120 ; Oh yes I took a picture of the TV!!!:)

...about how I don’t know why I stopped blogging. I just did. I didn’t intent to but all of a sudden I just stopped writing about my life. Those lazy days are gone and now I will start again. I think I will have to make a new header, quite tired of this one. It is cute but I have seen it...
And maybe I should post some of my POTD 365 project pics. Yester day I watched the inauguration of Obama on CNN. Wow I got emotional about it. For me it is really a big thing in all kinds of way. Wow!!! What else.....

What a boring post, but I am at least...

Over and out
Will be back tomorrow, for another try :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Random thoughts...

...about my lo for week #106 over at CCG.
The other day I thought Bob aka Mr Moustache how to screen-print a t-shirt the easy way. He had this design that he really wanted on a t-shirt. We first talked about that I should do it for him, but then I thought why not teach him how to do it him self. He was really happy with the result and I must say that he did a great job! He made two one bluish with a red print and one black with a gold print. I didn’t put the story behind the picture in the journaling but I will, as soon as I figure out how I want the journaling to be placed and look on the LO. So this LO is what I must call “a work in progress” one :)

If you want to take part in this weeks challenge go here; Color Combos Galore
A message 4 you Bob aka Mr Moustache;
Over and Out

Monday, January 12, 2009

Random thoughts...

...about how this is my LO for weeks #105 over at CCG. It is about how we keep the fab 4 occupied after dinner while waiting for “Santa”. (don’t worry we are one adult per kid while doing this, it is totally safe). They love it, and honestly so do we:)

The journaling and title reads; What you don’t know is that this is how we keep you all busy while Santa is getting ready! LOL!!!

Sorry for the bad pics!

If you want to take part in this weeks challenge go here; C
olor Combos Galore

OMG!!! I am the weorst blogger ever!!! Promise there is more going on in my life than one LO a week. Note To Self: Get a grip of yourself woman!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Random thoughts...

...about Happy B-day mum!!!
I made this card for my mum and was supposed to post it yesterday, but I was at her house so I forgot. I am posting it now instead. Sorry for being late on the post mum :)


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Random thoughts....

...about how I have no random thoughts or thoughts at all at the moment :(
This is my LO for week#104 over at CCG.
If you want to take part in this weeks challenge go here; Color Combos Galore.
Sorry for this boring post....but I hope you like the LO:)
Over and out, I am really over and out ya'll (I have 2 get some sleep soon, very very soon).

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Random thoughts...

...about how it is two years ago today (and I still pretend that you are on a vacation) miss you old man!!! Guess I have to deal with it some day....but not today.....not yet!
RIP and I do hope and know that you are having fun!!!
Ahhhhhhh don't feel like writting about it, just wanted to share this picture.

POTD; 090104.
We went to see my dad today and I bought him his all time fave ice cream. A Magnum with almonds :)

RIP Old man!!!

Over and out