Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random thoughts...

On the way home from mum’s house I came to think about the lyrics of this song "I am Weary (Let Me Rest)" by The Cox Family. The lyrics goes; “Throw your loving arms around me, I am weary let me rest” I think this picture of me, it really describes the feeling and my mood this day.

...about how it isn't all just happy happy joy joy in Lillsissland. I said I would blog today but man ohhhhhh man I’m tired!!! Today was filled with so much work, ideas and emotions and other crap, so now I will have to go to sleep. It has been one of those days that you wished never happened, one of those really incredibly bad days, that are bad with no particular reason(?).
Just a quick note; I have the best mother ever!!! I called her and we talked about “nothing” but I think she heard in my voice that I needed my mum. She said - come on over and have dinner tonight. I said that I would come, but that it had to be later, that I had some stuff to finish working on first. She said that it was ok and I could come home when ever I was done. My aunt Gloria was there as well, and they had already eaten when I got there (since I couldn’t make it in time for dinner). As soon as I came HOME my mum started to fix my dinner, so that I could get a fresh steak. No leftovers for me:). THANK YOU MUM, I SO NEEDED YOUR LOVE AND CONCERN TODAY!!!

Over and Out