Friday, February 29, 2008

Random thoughts..

..about my vanity.
Journaling says:
Last Friday (02/24/2008) I cut my hair all by my self. I don’t like the result of it, it is so uneven it really irritated me. But since I wear it up it’s just silly and incredibly vain to complain about it. And since people say it looks cute and I am all about “cute”. I should just take what they say to heart and move on.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about not giving up. I love the song "Don't give up" with Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. So I scraped it (parts of it).

(edited posted a little bit later in the evening)
Me in my work “outfit” (strait face and black polo neck, but with no makeup and only some Hello Kitty lip gloss:).

When I see my face in this picture I am like am I really that serious looking? I look so faraway from the Hello Kitty, pink, toy collecting, sausage burning, candy loving…
well well...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about when words aren’t necessary.

And then I went all digi with it. The reason for this is that I decided that I am totally giving up scrapbooking until I clean my SB space. And I haven't "scraped" in days.....if you don't count playing around with PS and going digi with it:)The sad thing is that I am only fooling my self with this brilliant idea :) or am I? Not really since I am happy then I guess it must be a great idea or isn’t it? Well I don't know. It all started with when I had a Skype session with my Bigsiss and we scraped together. She is so organized and honestly she makes me sick....or does she, or is it so if truth be told that I wish that I was as organized as her? Well, well (insert my whatever face) lots of love...
Don’t know if this makes any sense but that’s okay:)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about me being me.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Random thoughts...

…about my weekend:
Friday= ………all I can say is CRAZY!!! Fun, fun,fun and I know some really fun people. And one that is totally bananas!!!:)

PLS Note: Those who know who or what I am talking about DON’T POST ANYTHING ABOUT IT HERE!!! I mean it because that would be really, really evil and I would not appreciate it at all! TIA

Saturday= we got a lot of work done and the designs are fab, fab I tell you!!! It is so fun designing for this team I didn’t even mind that we hade to work on a Saturday (after only a few hours of sleep). We made some final col.way adjustments and we now have all the measurements for the entire collection YAHOOOOOO!!!! I sooooo wish I was coming along to China this timeL. Can’t stand the thought of having to wait for the first samples to come back from the factory.

Sunday= Thank you for the dinner darling! Love you!!!

Picture 1. Yeah I cut my hair (all by my self) on Friday afternoon, as you can see it is not even at all.

Picture 2. My whatever face.

Over and out

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random thoughts

...about that "I ache just like a woman but I break like a little girl" I just love those words.

You can almost se my freckles(freggles) on this picture:)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Random thoughts…

….about something that really made me happy this week and it was only Tuesday! I MADE IT TO THE SISTV-CATWALK!!! The cool thing is that what I scraped about was some what of a shortcoming of my behalf as a “grown” woman. Basically I really suck at being a grownup sometimes. I can’t cook, I hate cleaning, I don’t really understand the whole making the bed part, my flowers all look incredibly strange and doing laundry is way to complicated for me (in the end it all becomes grey or pink). But I am good at CUTE.

Once again thank you JJ for making my week!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about love.
From Lillsisslill with ♥ xoxo

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

one more CHA weekend LO

Hello Lilly, "The Asian Persuasion Challenge"
As you can see I love cute, pink and all Kawaii. It even says “cute” on one of my
dotted umbrella and the pink one has HK all over it.
And this is not all of the bags, only the pink ones:)
On the picture of me and Mie we are trying to look like the doll face.
I had really fun making this one. I think that I will make a mini album
with all my Kawaii stuff.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

more CHA weekend LO's

The text function is acting quite bizarre at the moment, I will come back and fix it later. It is really bugging me, so I better to log out at once before I delete the whole thing :(

4.“hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil”.

stacey's easy peasy winterlicious ad challenge"

Not really happy with how it turned out. But the idea was something I had to try.

Will probably redo it later on.

4. "Reading Mie, "tracinicole ,ABC...challenge"

This is a picture of Mie with her Star student tag on. Reading for her “School class dog”.

She started speaking early with really, really long sentence. It was so funny when people

came up to her in the pram- gaga go go. And she looked puzzled and answered with correct words

and pronunciation. And then she started reading at 2 years old (she was super interested in letters and

discovered the code of letters her self). She is fluent in two languages and is now learning Chinese.

She is without bragging the smartest kid I know!!!

3. B happy, "Breanne's get real cha challenge"
Journaling on LO reads; This is the secret garden in a corner of my mind.
I treasure it. This place symbolizes the space in my mind where I
always return to when I need some extra strength.
It’s a magic and mystical place and sometimes it feels like it is something
that I have dreamt up. If I didn’t have the pictures of us from there,
I don’t know if I would really believe that it even exists.
And I have a hidden journaling with a lyrics that I really like.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Random thoughts...

2. u r the joy of my life,
"Tallynt , Artist Trading Card ~ CHA Challenge"
My very first real ATC. Journaling on the back.
The picture is of a Ferris wheel in Taipei that is super pretty,
I love the colours and decor on it! (Taking a better pic later).

1. Divalicious "Alice in Wonderland" Challenge
My craziest colour combo EVER! The colours are inspired from the books and movie
characters like Cheshire Cat, Major Caterpillar and the china at the tea party…
I love Alice in wonderland! BTW There is a person under the journalingspot,
as the Queen of hearts said- That's enough! Off with their heads!
I think you get the picture:)


...about honesty and true friendship.
Slept sooooo late, me likee sleeping. Worked with some new designs. Dinner at mum’s house. Went home to just fix a little makeup and change shoes (I live in 5min walking distance from my mum) I went by the store and bought some chocolate and other candy. It’s Saturday night, right. I have a “fierce” pair of jeans on and I was supposed to go clubbing with my friends. Came home turned on the computer just to check my mail (and some scrap chat) and then the phone rang, I looked at the phone, looked at my watch…. looked back at the screen… looked at the phone, looked back at the screen…looked at the phone….picked it up- Hallo!
-Hi!!! :), Are you coming or what? It’s gonna be like yadayadayada and yadayadayada… yadayadayada …watcha think?!
I took a deep breath and swallowed hard and said- Sorry can’t make it, its CHA weekend at SIStv!!!
- CHA weekend at SIStv!!!
- CHA weekend at SIStv!!!

-CHA weekend at SIStv!
-WHAT??!.....OMG your a nerd!!!
- Well, so be it!!! Or NO I’m not, its CHA weekend at SIStv!!!
Quiet……and then it felt like I was on the phone with Homer Simpson- DOH!!!!!!! You’re crazy!!!
But then I just told the truth- No, I not crazy I am just creative!!!

- Okay have fun, we will miss you:)

-Awwww, you to. Bye:)


That is true friendship I didn’t even have to use a white lie, I just told the truth! I am the truth speaker. The teller of truth!

Thank god for old friends that love and forgive, you no matter what!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Random thoughts...

Journaling reads “Stop your whining and start creating.
Get a hold of yourself woman! Big girls don’t cry.”

...about when I was at university and went in to the printing studio on my first day for my very first printing class, there was a big sign on the wall in the studio that said “Here we don’t cry while we work”. Today I had so much work to do that I actually felt like crying out of exhaustion. I find it a pure pleasure to cry once in awhile. My family and friends wouldn’t agree on this they would probably say that crying is my number one pastime activity. I guess I have to agree if I was to be honest, but I will not! And then I remembered that sign and it made me think of these words and that they would be perfect for a “Note To Self” page. That was my day and yup chicken nuggets for dinner and vegetables?..... nope.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about Making it to Round 3. I am so happy and thankful to have been and be a part of this great experience. It feels like I am on a journey that is making me grow not only creatively, but as a person. I found that I put my self in a really scary and vulnerable situation, where I would be judged not only creatively but as a person. The more scared I felt about even the thought of being that vulnerable the more I realized that this challenge was necessary for me. With my nerves twisted and my stomach in a knot I took the challenge and even if I was terrified I didn’t back down, I went for it.
What will happen next?

“When I was just a little girl

I asked my mother what will I be

Will I be pretty, will I be rich

Here's what she said to me

*Que sera, sera

Whatever will be, will be

The future's not ours to see

Que sera, sera

What will be, will be”

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about that my childhood heaven is no more…

I used a historical painting by Norman Rockwell to illustrate my random thought. The title is from Thomas Jefferson he used the phrase in the Declaration of Independence. And then the phrase was also quoted by Martin Luther King, Jr. in his famous I Have a Dream speech.