Saturday, February 9, 2008

Random thoughts...

2. u r the joy of my life,
"Tallynt , Artist Trading Card ~ CHA Challenge"
My very first real ATC. Journaling on the back.
The picture is of a Ferris wheel in Taipei that is super pretty,
I love the colours and decor on it! (Taking a better pic later).

1. Divalicious "Alice in Wonderland" Challenge
My craziest colour combo EVER! The colours are inspired from the books and movie
characters like Cheshire Cat, Major Caterpillar and the china at the tea party…
I love Alice in wonderland! BTW There is a person under the journalingspot,
as the Queen of hearts said- That's enough! Off with their heads!
I think you get the picture:)


...about honesty and true friendship.
Slept sooooo late, me likee sleeping. Worked with some new designs. Dinner at mum’s house. Went home to just fix a little makeup and change shoes (I live in 5min walking distance from my mum) I went by the store and bought some chocolate and other candy. It’s Saturday night, right. I have a “fierce” pair of jeans on and I was supposed to go clubbing with my friends. Came home turned on the computer just to check my mail (and some scrap chat) and then the phone rang, I looked at the phone, looked at my watch…. looked back at the screen… looked at the phone, looked back at the screen…looked at the phone….picked it up- Hallo!
-Hi!!! :), Are you coming or what? It’s gonna be like yadayadayada and yadayadayada… yadayadayada …watcha think?!
I took a deep breath and swallowed hard and said- Sorry can’t make it, its CHA weekend at SIStv!!!
- CHA weekend at SIStv!!!
- CHA weekend at SIStv!!!

-CHA weekend at SIStv!
-WHAT??!.....OMG your a nerd!!!
- Well, so be it!!! Or NO I’m not, its CHA weekend at SIStv!!!
Quiet……and then it felt like I was on the phone with Homer Simpson- DOH!!!!!!! You’re crazy!!!
But then I just told the truth- No, I not crazy I am just creative!!!

- Okay have fun, we will miss you:)

-Awwww, you to. Bye:)


That is true friendship I didn’t even have to use a white lie, I just told the truth! I am the truth speaker. The teller of truth!

Thank god for old friends that love and forgive, you no matter what!


BigSiss said...

You really are a nerd!

BigSiss said...

...but you are a the best one of them all!!!

BigSiss........... again! said...

Sorry about the extra a in the middle!
Lets just call it a bonus... to be used when ever you see fit.

Lillsisslill said...

You can't have too many letters, just a shame it wasn’t chipboard!

YOU DID THIS TO ME, you made me scrap in the first place!!!

So you are a bigger nerd.......and you are the best one oof them all!!!

An extra o for you:)