Sunday, February 10, 2008

more CHA weekend LO's

The text function is acting quite bizarre at the moment, I will come back and fix it later. It is really bugging me, so I better to log out at once before I delete the whole thing :(

4.“hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil”.

stacey's easy peasy winterlicious ad challenge"

Not really happy with how it turned out. But the idea was something I had to try.

Will probably redo it later on.

4. "Reading Mie, "tracinicole ,ABC...challenge"

This is a picture of Mie with her Star student tag on. Reading for her “School class dog”.

She started speaking early with really, really long sentence. It was so funny when people

came up to her in the pram- gaga go go. And she looked puzzled and answered with correct words

and pronunciation. And then she started reading at 2 years old (she was super interested in letters and

discovered the code of letters her self). She is fluent in two languages and is now learning Chinese.

She is without bragging the smartest kid I know!!!

3. B happy, "Breanne's get real cha challenge"
Journaling on LO reads; This is the secret garden in a corner of my mind.
I treasure it. This place symbolizes the space in my mind where I
always return to when I need some extra strength.
It’s a magic and mystical place and sometimes it feels like it is something
that I have dreamt up. If I didn’t have the pictures of us from there,
I don’t know if I would really believe that it even exists.
And I have a hidden journaling with a lyrics that I really like.


Dayami said...

Love it!!!
TFS ;)
ps love your music too ;)

BigBro said...

Yo Sis,

Big Bro here, send me you skype name so we can talk...