Saturday, May 31, 2008

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about my layout for this weeks Color Combo Challenge #73

I made an 12x12 layout about me and Ed making cupcakes at my mum's house.

Journaling reads; We made blueberry cupcakes. You really enjoyed making them. And when it was time to eat them you said – this is going to really good! And then you said – I don’t want to like blueberry cupcakes. So I took all the blueberries out of your cupcake so that you could eat it.
Then I asked - was it nice
You – No!
Me- so it was bad?
You - Yes!
Me- But you ate it all.
You - Yes!

Words of wisdom by Ed. Sometimes it is like talking to Yoda! :) is all that I can say...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about Oh yes bigsiss it is me again;P this is my layout for this weeks Color Combos Galore . Or not about my LO this will be a post about bigsiss moving and not having internet yet. I so wish you would get your internet fixed:( Cry, cry, cry, cryyyyyy I am uglycrying....

Why don't you just bring your laptop to starbucks!!!(?) It's been 5 days!!! I miss you....text messages just ain't the same....cry, cry, cry, cry...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about how I was working from home today. After working really, really hard, I found myself incredibly bored for a sec. The work that I was doing was extremely mundane and one of those things that just has to be done but aren’t creative or exiting at all. It was late in the day and I hadn’t stopped for lunch so I took a late lunch break and Skyped/called my bigsiss and my lillsiss that is visiting her on the other side of the world. We talked for a while mostly about what lillsiss had bought today on her shopping spree. Among other things she had bought a super-cute-pink-princess-fancy-dress-party dress. And then I had a brilliant idea. I told them to “talk amongst them self’s” and I ran to the other room and put on my pale blue oh so pretty princess dress. The dress is insane, it looks exactly like the type of dress a standing on a cupcake with wings and gold slippers wearing princess would wear. Not one of those real life boring princesses but a fairy one. I have never worn this dress before and it felt quite good having it on. So after we hang up and I had to go back to work (at home mind you) I kept it on. I just had to take some pictures of the silly old lady...

Life is as fun as you make it...right:)

Over and out

Wearing the dress worked, the work didn’t seem as mundane as it did before. I actually had fun doing it since the whole “scenario” was so incredibly stupid that I really enjoyed it.

" Always live the life of your dreams". My layout for this weeks Color Combos Galore challenge #71

Journaling along the edge reads; I dreamt about it, I visualized it, I believed in it, and now I will create it...

Go to Color Combos Galore for the super fab combo. It is one of my all time faves!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Better late than never...

My layout for this weeks Color Combos Galore. The fab colours this week was : slate blue, taupe gray, seafoam green and fire engine red and our Guest Designer this week was......... The fantastic Cindy Liebel!!! Color Combos Galore .


My NSD layouts

1) My interpretation of the challenge. Trust me I am a big dreamer but if and when I keep it real... I just want to live in the now. TFL BTW I picked a picture that is supposed to look like I am dreaming and ANTM here, Tyra & Co would probably slap me and send me home:) I am blessed in life but not in my face making skills IYKWIM:) Journaling reads; What would I do in my dream day....If I am real and think of what I have my life is quite alright the way it is. I have a family and friends that I love and that loves me and that I can share all my good and bad times with, I have a home...messy at the moment but still a home. In some ways I have it all. The only thing is that I work 24 – 7. I love what I do and I love that I have the opportunity to do it. I wonder what would happen if I just stopped doing it, even if only for a day. Would I still be happy, would I still be evolving, would I be content with life, most importantly would I still be me? I dreamt of this life since I was a child and I don’t won’t to stop the life that I am currently living and if I did, and took a day of and live the life of my dreams I would probably just sleep the whole day away. My dream at the moment is to sleep, and sleep, and sleep...

Happy me mad the catwalk with this one :) or I should say sweet, sweet Rebecca Ertel aka SISter rertel picked this one for the cat walk:) And I won the random drawing for her " dream day challenge"!!! Yah!!!

2) Back in the day (metrochic's rainbow madness NSD challenge!!!) Madness is what it looks like!!! Me and my bigsiss way back in the day I gave my self an extra challenge and that was to scrap, snap and upload as fast as I could This is the worst picture of an LO EVER!!! Yay 38 minutes! Oh and the glue on the stars wasent quite readdy so they moved...yay 38 min Happy NSD!!! BTW I am the silly looking one with the pink...

3) Joy

4) This is a picture of me when I was six years old. I look pretty much the same I just part my hair on the right side instead of the middle. And I still love me a striped sweater with a matching slipover. :) You inspire me to be the higher me. Journaling reads; At six all I wanted to be when I grew up was an artist. I wanted to listen to music, eat lots of candy, watch TV all night, draw and paint. I guess I am living my childhood dream. Note To Self. You are me and I am you, You are a big and important part of me that I don’t ever want to forget. The me I am today thank you for making me complete.


This is it for now. Will post pictures from this past week with what I, mum and Ed where up to later.

Over and out

Monday, May 5, 2008

I just want to share the sad news that Poppe passed away this afternoon.

Kiss me mother kiss your darlin'
Lay my head upon your breast
Throw your loving arms around me
I am weary let me rest
Seems the light is swiftly fading
Brighter scenes they do now show
I am standing by the river
Angels wait to take me home

Kiss me mother kiss your darlin'
See the pain upon my brow
While I'll soon be with the angels
Fate has doomed my future now

Through the years you've always loved me
And my life you've tried to save
But now I shall slumber sweetly
In a deep and lonely grave

Kiss me mother kiss your darlin'
Lay my head upon your breast
Throw your loving arms around me
I am weary let me rest
I am weary let me rest.

All trough out this week I have found my self humming on this song. I think deep inside I always new the outcome. But the hope never left me.

RIP sweetiecutiepoppiloppi!!!

The veterinarian called my mum this morning and wanted to try one last operation on Poppe. They said that since he had made it this far after such a trauma that he might just against all odds make it. He was doing a little bit better and could endure anaesthesia once again. They wanted to open his wound and see what else there was to do since he was still in such bad shape after a week in intensive care. He has had a nurse assigned only to look after him all through out this time that has been posted by his bed to keep him calm and to make sure that he wasn’t in any pain. But sadly the wounds after the attack where more severe than they initially thought on his left side. The bites and wounds where so bad, the veterinarian said that the dog had not only bitten him, he had chewed on him so badly that there was no chance for the nerves, blood vessel and muscles to ever grow back and connect again the way they should. He would be paralyzed. We decide against amputating his leg, since this was no guarantee that he would ever walk again. And his liver was really bad after all the medications, anaesthesia and trauma. He had started hurling and throwing up in the way that often indicates that the end is near. We wanted to let him go with the dignity he deserved. Before the surgery we told the veterinarian that if they saw that there was nothing left to do to save him so that he would get a chance of a dignified life, to just let him sleep and not wake up. So that he could end his life peacefully and with out any sadness or stress. Poppe was happy, lively, always mowing crazy cuddly and super fun little caracter. He was such a great companion and with a personality filled with joy. He will be truly missed by us all.

The only thing that makes this feel a little bit better is that we always said that my dad would of loved Poppe and now they are together.

Once again thank you for everything, your prayers, good vibes and words of support and encouragement has made this painful time a little easier. Thank you!

Lillyrose and familly

Saturday, May 3, 2008

To my family and all of you with kids, pictures are below this post PLS don’t let the kids see them!!! Did not post any of the scary pictures but they are probably scary looking for a kid!

My mum and I where finally allowed to visit Poppe in the hospital. He is still in very bad shape. He is very tired and his liver is not functioning the way it is supposed to because of all the trauma, wounds and that he was sedated for three days. His intestines are working the way that they should but he doesn’t want to eat. Not even when we tried to feed him. Hi is on a lot of different meds and he is getting all kinds of IV’s to get stronger. They called my mum last night at 11pm and told her that he was so weak that they had to give him blood transfusion. His pelvis, rib and hip fractures are all under control, but he can’t stand on one of the legs. It is like it is paralysed. They think that it might be the result of some sort of nerve damage. They have to wait until the swelling goes down to see if it is permanent or temporary. He has a lot of fluid coming out of his wounds that they find very worrying; it is not pus but slightly red clear fluid. They had it on drainage and tried to take it away, they will probably put the drainage back tonight. He is really liked by the staff and his “main” was cuddling him and kissed him on his head several times, this was really great to see, that they don’t just take care of him but they really care about him. They say that he is a remarkable dog and that he is really strong considering all that has happened to him this last couple of days. It was so painful to see him and when he saw me and my mum he immediately got restless and started “crying”. At home he is always close to us, and mostly in our laps. And if we are sitting down (not at the table) and don’t pick him up he pushes on us until we pick him up. When I sat down next to him on the floor he tried to pull himself towards me only using his front legs, so I moved so close to him that I could so that he could lay his head in my lap. That wasn’t enough he tried to come closer, using all his powers to stand on his front legs and trying to move closer he looked me strait in the eyes and made that “crying” sound. The way he looked and that sound will haunt me forever. I didn’t dare to just pick him up the way I wanted to and put him in my lap, tomorrow I will see if there is some way that mum or I can have him in our lap without it being painful for him. We love this little baby so much. We asked about his chances of making it and they said that we just have to wait and see. We will do anything to make him feel better and give him a good life regardless of his medical needs, what ever it may be physical therapy, massage he will get it if it makes him better. Even if he is strong and a fighter, we felt that we had to tell the veterinarian and the nurse that if they see any signs of that this is all too painful and much for him they have to help him to let go. They said that he still has some fighting spirit in him and they will just have to keep on trying.

Thank you all once again for all your support, good vibes and prayers!!!

Lillyrose and family