Saturday, May 3, 2008

To my family and all of you with kids, pictures are below this post PLS don’t let the kids see them!!! Did not post any of the scary pictures but they are probably scary looking for a kid!

My mum and I where finally allowed to visit Poppe in the hospital. He is still in very bad shape. He is very tired and his liver is not functioning the way it is supposed to because of all the trauma, wounds and that he was sedated for three days. His intestines are working the way that they should but he doesn’t want to eat. Not even when we tried to feed him. Hi is on a lot of different meds and he is getting all kinds of IV’s to get stronger. They called my mum last night at 11pm and told her that he was so weak that they had to give him blood transfusion. His pelvis, rib and hip fractures are all under control, but he can’t stand on one of the legs. It is like it is paralysed. They think that it might be the result of some sort of nerve damage. They have to wait until the swelling goes down to see if it is permanent or temporary. He has a lot of fluid coming out of his wounds that they find very worrying; it is not pus but slightly red clear fluid. They had it on drainage and tried to take it away, they will probably put the drainage back tonight. He is really liked by the staff and his “main” was cuddling him and kissed him on his head several times, this was really great to see, that they don’t just take care of him but they really care about him. They say that he is a remarkable dog and that he is really strong considering all that has happened to him this last couple of days. It was so painful to see him and when he saw me and my mum he immediately got restless and started “crying”. At home he is always close to us, and mostly in our laps. And if we are sitting down (not at the table) and don’t pick him up he pushes on us until we pick him up. When I sat down next to him on the floor he tried to pull himself towards me only using his front legs, so I moved so close to him that I could so that he could lay his head in my lap. That wasn’t enough he tried to come closer, using all his powers to stand on his front legs and trying to move closer he looked me strait in the eyes and made that “crying” sound. The way he looked and that sound will haunt me forever. I didn’t dare to just pick him up the way I wanted to and put him in my lap, tomorrow I will see if there is some way that mum or I can have him in our lap without it being painful for him. We love this little baby so much. We asked about his chances of making it and they said that we just have to wait and see. We will do anything to make him feel better and give him a good life regardless of his medical needs, what ever it may be physical therapy, massage he will get it if it makes him better. Even if he is strong and a fighter, we felt that we had to tell the veterinarian and the nurse that if they see any signs of that this is all too painful and much for him they have to help him to let go. They said that he still has some fighting spirit in him and they will just have to keep on trying.

Thank you all once again for all your support, good vibes and prayers!!!

Lillyrose and family

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Jody said...

I really hope that Poppe gets stronger and pulls through this. I hope you all can get some rest and start to feel better. WHat a rough weeks you've had.
Take care and thanks for the updates at SIS!