Monday, April 28, 2008

This morning my mum and her puppy were severely hurt while getting attacked by a pitbull!!!
I wanted to let you all know about this but I am not up to blogging,so I am just posting what I posted today at SIStv.
And I am really thankfull for all the good vibes and prayers from all the SISters.

I have never asked this before. I don't know how to put it but please pray and send good vibes to my mum Margaret and her puppy Poppe. They where attacked this morning in the park by a pitbull. My mum tried to save the puppy from the pitbull that was attacking him. The police came and they called for the ambulance to take my mum to the ER. She was bitten by the pitbull and it jumped on her, her back was hurt so she couldn't walk. The are both hurt really bad and Poppe is in surgery now. I will let you know when I know more. Feels bad to ask this and sorry for my ramblings, but I am scared and we need all the prayers and good vibes we can get right now.
Thank you

Thank you SISters, from the bottom of my heart!!!
My mum is home and she is doing okay considering the circumstances. Her back is still not okay and her hands hurt a lot from the bites. Poppe is still badly injured. He had surgery for his intestines that were torn out from his abdomen by the pitbull. Luckily his intestines where not hurt, so they cleaned the wound and removed some surrounding fat tissue so that they could but his intestines back in place. His pelvis is broken on both sides and he has some fractured ribs. They didn't think his little body could stand more anaesthetic today. So they have him sedated and they will operate on him tomorrow or the day after if he is strong enough. He is nine moths today, pore baby what a rotten way to celebrate. The surgeon that worked on him said that since he is young and in really good shape his chances of making it are better than it would be for an older dog. But they can't promise anything.Once again THANK YOU it means a lot to me and my family that you are all sending good vibes and keeping us in your prayers.

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Me and my lillsiss went to the animal hospital where Poppe is staying to leave one of my mums sweaters so that he might be at ease and for comfort. He is in a really bad state and on all kinds of medicines and painkillers. He has a nurse by his side at all times. They didn’t let us see him because they didn’t think that he could handle the stress with us coming in to see him and then leaving him there. It was hard to leave knowing that he was in there struggling for his life, but the notion of that a nurse is with him all the time made it a little bit easier.


Hi and thank you all once again for lifting us up!!!My mum, family and I are really touched by all the good vibes, kind words and prayers that are coming from my SISters.Poppe is still in very bad shape, and we are still not allowed to go and see him because of the stress that it would bring him, we are getting constant updates.Mum is still in pain and she is now talking to; police, layers, reporters, ensures companies and doctors. I am so proud of my mum that she has gone trough all of this and still stands so strong. She is an incredible woman.The only good thing in all of this is that the story has been published in several papers here. We hope that this all might bring people some awareness about the dangers of keeping dogs like this (we have nothing against any kind of dogs, just the owners that don't have enough knowledge about the kind of dog they have). The articles has started debates about how some kinds of dogs are raised and breed, and about how dog owners must take responsibility for what harm there dogs might cause.

Thank you all!!!
Lillyrose and family


Danielle said...

So sorry to hear about your mom and Poppe. That's terrible they were attacked. I'm sooooo afraid of pits, I've heard too many horror stories about them. I'll be keeping postive thoughts going their way!

Lisa said...

oh Lil, I'm terribly sorry for what has happened to your mother and Poppe. I hope they both recover soon. I had an incident with a dog when I was a little girl, not fun. Also a pit came into our yard and killed one of our goats when I was in grade school. I agree 100%.. it is the owners at fault here. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. ((((BIG HUGS)))