Monday, June 30, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about I will let the pictures do the talking.
and my layout for this weeks Color Combo here at Color Combos Galore.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Random thoughts...

I had dinner with the ladies from The View instead.

...about how yesterday I and my BFF Jean aka Jea where supposed to go out for dinner. But none of us really felt like going out for dinner. So we both decided that we should instead be “good girls” and clean our home workspaces. We had phone contact and gave each other great speeches of encouragement. The only thing is that she always started her calls with
– back away from the computer and get your lazy bum of the chair and start cleaning.
How she knew I will never know!!!

I am a “good girl” and I took the task to heart with great seriousness and I really did my best. I really did, scouts honour (making finger sign as I type). Oh it looks so nice and tidy. It is all so clean and super organized. Jean would be proud of me.....

Or is it so that I am just being a big fat lazy liar....? I really had the intent to clean and organize but I was so hungry I had to go and buy some food (didn’t cook it myself since that would make an additional mess). I got very sleepy from eating all that food, so after the food intake I had to eat some (crazy amount of) candy to get the energy level back on top. But that brilliant idea backfired and I tried to self medicate with a drink some call soda. Then I did what Dr Mcoldie would have said to me at a time like this “You must rest when and if you feel fatigue”. So then I had to lie down and meditated on the sofa and for a minute. You just don’t go against Dr’s orders. I reached a place of total calmness and the resting aura (if there is such a word) around me was so deep it almost felt like I was sleeping....

Oh and yes I punched a lot of flowers after my meditation:) So I was not a total lazy little girl.

Oh well I will end this post with a quote from my dear friend Scarlett ”Tomorrow is another day” since today is a day of rest...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Eagle has landed...

Or should I say the “angle puppy” has landed!!! For those that remember a while back my mum and her puppy was attacked by a pitbull earlier this spring. My mum “just today” got her new puppy!!! We are all so happy! This is all such a weird and wonderful end to the story.

I don’t think I shared this before but one of the reasons that Poppe was so important to us was that my mum got our sweet puppy Poppe because the house felt so empty after my dad died, he filed a tiny piece of that great void that dads death had left in all of us. Not that mum is lonely or alone, but she has always had someone to care for and to take care of. All the children had left the “house” (I am home several times a week, I know cut the umbilical cord but I don’t want to:) and my dad was no longer there (think he is still there but not in person:)). So the everyday life in the house felt empty. So when she got the puppy she became happier than she had been for a long time, they where such a great par mum and Poppe and they took really nice long walks everyday that my mum loves to do.
At first my mum didn’t want a new puppy after Poppe died. When we finally convinced her that it would be good for her. She said that she would only get one on the condition that it was from the same breeder. My bigsister Andy talked to the breeder and found out that the wait for a new puppy would be almost a year. But she at least wanted a new one and that was god news.

Okay this is the end of the story:)
Two weeks ago the breeder called my mums cell phone and asked her if she could consider taking a “transfer dog” and that this dog was Poppes brother from the same litter :). In the family that had him the father had become ill from heart disease (same problem as my dad) and was going in and out of hospital all the time. The felt they couldn’t give the dog the family he needed and deserved. They wanted him to have a good life so they contacted the breeder who called my mum at once. And today he came home...

You know what the say sometimes the...

On a sadder note:
The “woman” that owns the other dog is behaving like a total *insert a bad word* and is not responding to any contact, the matter is in the hands of my mum’s lawyer and thankfully the law is on mum’s side and the “woman” has to pay for the damages and the veterinarian bill. Think it made her “upset” that my mum contacted the police and they charged her and her dog (or what you call it). The thing is that the longer she waits with paying the veterinarian bill the higher her bill will be in the end, and it is incredibly high already. The thing that really irritates me is that this will only keep on being painful and disturbing for my mum. That she has to keep on living with this nightmare in her life and to have contact with her lawyer regarding this whole matter. We just want to leave it behind us and just remember the good memories we have of Poppe.
Btw the dog is till alive and has attacked another woman and her two terriers:( thankfully they made it without any severe injuries. And yes this woman has also reported it to the police it will be interesting and scary to see what haves to happen before the police take the dog away and put it to sleep. All I can say about the woman is how can you live with yourself and on top of all of this have small kids in the house you *****insert a really bad word*****

Once again thank you for all the kind words, prayers and good vibes while this was all going on!!!



Random thoughts...

...about how I sometimes just want life to be all about "CUTE"....even when it comes to my toast:)

Have a great day!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hello lovah....

Why Hello lovah you ask (or maybe not)
You know I love my coffee, but in some of the pics I took this morning of myself drinking the “love of my life” it looked like I was making out with the cup.....telling you my friends not a good thing and definitely not something you want stuck in your mind all day.....but I am telling you it was extremely hot (made a really bad Starbucks coffee joke).

Anyhooooo did I mention that it was my birthday yesterday? I had the best time EVER!!!
I really want to thank you all for making it as perfect as it was. Nothing but love for ya!!!
And apparently or should I say it has recently been brought to my attention that you guys love me toooooo, and a whole lot more than I sometimes realize and give you credit for...
Note To Self; Mushy feelings overload, stop it, and stop it now. You making a fool of your self woman!!!

Where was I? Oh yes I was at THANK YOU. So thank you for making it a great day and thank you all for the calls, mail, e-mail, pm’s, MB posts and text messages...made me happy, me likie the attention I got on my b-day:)

And ohhhh I won a SISiversary digi-challenge!!!! Yay!!!! Winner list Posted here yesterday

CONGRATS to all on the list and especially a huge congrats to KimM the winner of the “I am CUTE and you are?” Lillyrose Online SISversary challenge.

What more has happened in Lillsissland?
I have been published (for all scrapbookers it is not scrap related:)) in two papers. Or I should say my my art has been (Yay me!!!). It is a big exhibition with showings of pieces by twenty artists. I am really happy to be part of this exhibition on so many levels.The opening of the show is today and I hope it goes well. Just a shame I can’t go. Dam long travelling distances and lack of time. But I know Miss A will represent...YOU GO GIRL!!! (oh how I love being all cheerleader type of gal on my blog:). I am really happy with my paintings. Who thought that I would pick up painting again? Thanks “Old man” (“Old man” is my dad, I always called him that since he was older than me...that really sound like I am a bit slow but you know what I mean) it took me a while but I did it. Maybe I should explain. I was working on a painting 061211 and on that day I found out that my dad was going to die. I just stopped in the middle of it. I only painted two things after his death one in black and white about my sorrow a few days after. And the other one was a portrait of my dad. I made it on his request that we had it instead of a picture of him at his funeral.

ROFLMAO; This is me and my bigsiss (I know bigsis). My layout for this weeks Color Combo here at Color Combos Galore.

Over and out
My lovah is calling my name...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random thoughts.....

...about how today is my birthday. And about what a year it has been (since my last birthday:). It’s been really good, it’s been really bad....but it was the first year in my life of doing exactly what the heck I wanted!!! Did I mention that it’s my birthday? Anyhow I loved it! Not all of it, but to be really honest I loved most of it.

It was also my first whole year without a father. Just wish he was here seeing that I did take his advice, and did exactly what I wanted with my life. Or “Old man” I should say I am getting there. You would have been proud of me....I didn’t give up and I kept true to myself. I must admit I did some things you probably wouldn’t approve of ....but I am just in the beginning of my journey you see. So it nor I is completely perfect yet:) and I know you would say -it’s okay “Little” .
Did I mention that it’s my birthday? Today I am going to have a small party at my bigsiss house (since it happens to be my birthday). Did I or did I not mention that it is my birthday today? Anyhow it’s going to be a really small party since I don’t really like having b-day parties. I didn’t have any as a kid (or maybe one or two) mostly because I like to have my b-day cake in peace and quiet and eat as much as I like. Love going to other peoples parties and having their b-day cake that a bad thing?
I really love having a birthday, don’t know why and I don’t care if I get any gifts...or maybe I would be upset if I didn’t get any: I don’t know. But I do know I am the easiest person to give a b-day gift to (this I have been told gazillion times so it must be true). It doesn’t matter what it is I always get all teary eyed and thankful. I better stop writing I am starting to ramble...

Just realized I don’t have to blog about the year past since it is all here anyway....or maybe not all of it, the rest is in my “Top secret mini albums” and I wasn’t much of a blogger in the beginning. And most of you reading talk to me on a daily basis anyway.
I am not saying that I am super fab blogger now but I do post more...

I’m old ya’ll and I like it!!!

Over and out

In my end is my beginning...

Friday, June 20, 2008

This is not a birthday card...

I repeat this is not a birthday card!
I just felt like making you a card today. I totally respect your wishes to not celebrate your B-day....I just wanted to make this card because I love you and wanted to tell you that. And if I by chance posted this on “the day with a name we will not mention, nor celebrate” I am terribly sorry.

Oh what the heck!!!!!! I have known you longer than most people I know:)..... and I know you will forgive me eventually.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I love you Jean and this is a post made out of LOVE!!!!:)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Random thoughts...

Picture taken by Mie :)
...about a post with some pictures from a lunch at miss H house. And pictures of Mie’s circus that she and I made. The animals where so talented, just look at them...:)

I’ll be back...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about my layout for this weeks Color Combos Ggalore challenge #76. Journaling reads: Mie you are 5 now and I am wondering if you can you name 10 things that you are really good at

1) Drawing
2) Scrapbooking
3) Running
4) Reading
5) Writing
6) Talking
7) Working as a model
8) Making birthday cakes
9) Taking pictures with a camera
10) Taking care of my little brother

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Random thoughts...

My Virtual SISiversary Event challenge pictures.

My first challenge ever....eeeekkkk!!!! And it is called "I'm CUTE & you are?"

Michelle's 3am NarcisSIStic Challenge; journaling reads: Michelle's 3am NarcisSIStic Challenge. Wow this is a hard challenge!!! It is so much easier to think of the faults that I have or all the faults I think I have. But if truth be told what I really love about myself is that I am not afraid to go my own way and speak my mind. This is nothing that I can thank myself for it is all thanks to my family. I was brought up and surrounded by people that gave me the feeling and the conviction that there is nothing I can not do if I set my mind to it and stay true to my self. I am not perfect, far from it. But I am not afraid to go my own way and speak my mind. These are strengths I value and love about myself. It is a big part of my personality and has made me who I am. So my answer must be I love me for me. I used things from the SIStv goodie bag on this one. It is a hybrid LO.

Divian's 4pm Jukebox Shuffle Challenge

I used my pp I made for the pp challenge, picture from the People and Places challenge and some of the fab stuff from the SIStv goodies bag.
People and Places challenge
...about me and my bigsiss at the kitchen table. She is finally here (she been home for almost a week now. YAY!!!) at my side of the planet:) and I have been staying with her. Normally we Skype every day so we just tried to Skype each other sitting opposite at the kitchen table:) Didn’t work so well but it was fun....LOL!!!
Mizzm's DIGI CHALLENGE - Create a piece of paper
I made a some 12x12 pp in PS. I used some sticker letters as a base of the pp. Since I am not intending to sell this and it is just made for fun there is no prob with the © of the company that makes the stickers:) Yay my first challenge this weekend!!!!

Random Challenge #2
My fave shoes. They are probably one of the cheapest pair I have. I bought them in the subway market in Taipei/Taiwan. And I love them!!! My sister says that my feet looks like they are from a dead person. And they do in this pic and in real life:) The colour is 7 shades lighter than my hands and face:)

Eeeeekkkkk!!!! Only 45min to my SIStv challenge is up!!!! HELP!!!!:)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Random thoughts...

My sidekick Mie and I are working side by side at the kitchen table.
...about how I am starting to get a bit petrified!!!! I will be hosting a challenge on SIStv this weekend, a little sneak peak and a link to what will be happening on-line on SIStv during the anniversary it is also known as the SISVERSARY . Really looking forward to this weekend!!! The great Mizzm has just posted a VIRTUAL SISVERSARY SCHEDULE for as all to start planning our weekend. There are going to be lots of challenges, crops, bingo, suprises, chatts and all kinds of fun!!! If you are not a member yet do signup so you can take part in all the fun.

Over and out

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy birthday Barbie!!!!

Btw you old!!!!
Today my fave lillsiss is old!!! O+L+D= OLD!!! And you know I love me some b-day cake, yum yum :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about the DIVA!!!
Here is my LO for this weeks CCG. I took these pictures of Ed a few weeks ago. Ed, mum and I where out for a coffee and sat on a cafe that is placed on the roof of a museum/culture building. The sun was shining and it was just a fab day:) No journaling only the title on this one; A teeny tiny DIVA with a huge personality.

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Hoo hoo hoo!!!

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Oh yes!!!

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My LO for this weeks color combo # 74 at Color Combos Galore

How cute is DJ on these pics:)
Oh and there are some winners of past weeks posted on the CCG blog:) Congrats!!!
I am so sleeeeeeepy now I think I have to rest a bit....zzzzzz z z z z z z z z z z...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

:) :) :) :) :)

Happy Sunday!!!