Monday, June 23, 2008

Hello lovah....

Why Hello lovah you ask (or maybe not)
You know I love my coffee, but in some of the pics I took this morning of myself drinking the “love of my life” it looked like I was making out with the cup.....telling you my friends not a good thing and definitely not something you want stuck in your mind all day.....but I am telling you it was extremely hot (made a really bad Starbucks coffee joke).

Anyhooooo did I mention that it was my birthday yesterday? I had the best time EVER!!!
I really want to thank you all for making it as perfect as it was. Nothing but love for ya!!!
And apparently or should I say it has recently been brought to my attention that you guys love me toooooo, and a whole lot more than I sometimes realize and give you credit for...
Note To Self; Mushy feelings overload, stop it, and stop it now. You making a fool of your self woman!!!

Where was I? Oh yes I was at THANK YOU. So thank you for making it a great day and thank you all for the calls, mail, e-mail, pm’s, MB posts and text messages...made me happy, me likie the attention I got on my b-day:)

And ohhhh I won a SISiversary digi-challenge!!!! Yay!!!! Winner list Posted here yesterday

CONGRATS to all on the list and especially a huge congrats to KimM the winner of the “I am CUTE and you are?” Lillyrose Online SISversary challenge.

What more has happened in Lillsissland?
I have been published (for all scrapbookers it is not scrap related:)) in two papers. Or I should say my my art has been (Yay me!!!). It is a big exhibition with showings of pieces by twenty artists. I am really happy to be part of this exhibition on so many levels.The opening of the show is today and I hope it goes well. Just a shame I can’t go. Dam long travelling distances and lack of time. But I know Miss A will represent...YOU GO GIRL!!! (oh how I love being all cheerleader type of gal on my blog:). I am really happy with my paintings. Who thought that I would pick up painting again? Thanks “Old man” (“Old man” is my dad, I always called him that since he was older than me...that really sound like I am a bit slow but you know what I mean) it took me a while but I did it. Maybe I should explain. I was working on a painting 061211 and on that day I found out that my dad was going to die. I just stopped in the middle of it. I only painted two things after his death one in black and white about my sorrow a few days after. And the other one was a portrait of my dad. I made it on his request that we had it instead of a picture of him at his funeral.

ROFLMAO; This is me and my bigsiss (I know bigsis). My layout for this weeks Color Combo here at Color Combos Galore.

Over and out
My lovah is calling my name...