Friday, July 9, 2010

Random thoughts...

My LO for week #150 over at CCG.
This week I used Scrapblog to make a digi LO.
The combo for week #150. I really love this weeks
combo and the pic is really inspiring. I am totally
curtain that I will use it again. I might just use the
pic below on one. Think this combo would be perfect.
I and when I do I will make sure to post a pic :)
And I just had to share this pic of me and my
darling adorable son. He is so cute!!!

...about my LO for week #150 over at CCG and about how I today, or maybe I should say this evening had some work to do.
Let me start again!
...about my LO for week #150 over at CCG and about how I this evening had some work to do. I was in bed and while I worked on some new book illustrations my darling boy was sleeping on a pillow in my lap, I eat some snacks (or to be honest a looooot of snacks anyhooooo) and watched TV. Let me tell you my friends on days like this, life sure is good GOOD!!!
And yes I used only one hand :)

If you want to play along each week with some of the best colour combo artists ever, just go here: Color Combos Galore.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Random thoughts...

...about my LO for week #149 over at CCG and about how pretty this weeks combo is. It's a super short post (again!!!) but oooooh my word, this inspiration board is just sooooooo pretty!! Love the combo and love, love, LOVE the picture of the cupcakes!!!
All my embellishments and the "pig card" are from this fab place. I just adore everything the sell!!! It is a must visit for every scrapbooker and papercrafter!!!
If you want to take part in this weeks challenge go here; Color Combos Galore
Over and Out
xo Lillsisslill

Friday, June 11, 2010


eeeeerhm this thing on? HELLO!!!!

I am back this will be a short one, but I am back!
It has been a loooong time since my last post. A lot has happened but most inportanly our darling son was born on tuesday the 27th, happy happy joy joy!!!
He is just perfect :*
I just had to share this pic! Bob aka mr Moustache was at work,
he was asleep and I had a big knitted cap and a camera...
seriously how cute is he in this cap!!!
The same sleeping kid same big knitted cap, but this is how he would look if he was french...
Bonjour Mes Amis!

and oooohhh I have some work to post :)
Naptime CCG#146
Here he is!!! My baby boy! I am a mother....yay!!!
Still cant believe that he is here, he is finally here!
I feel so blessed!!! :)
This week I made a digi. Love this combo!
Smile CCG#145
Yay we are back!!! Loved this combo. It was perfect for my card.
This is my first project for CCG in a long time, I was über pregnant and
CCG was not really working as it used to :(
But now we are back and let me tell you it
is better than ever!!! And it is super pretty as well,
so I think everybody should go there and play along!
Once again...yay we are back!!!
and an old one CCG #141
I made this digi when I was pregnant about some of my cravings :)
If you want to play along each week with some of the best colour combo artists ever just go here:Color Combos Galore.
Last but not least (insert sound of marching band playing Happy Birthday! ) MY BIGSISS (I KNOW BIGSIS) TURNED 40, YES YOU HEARD ME 40!!! The big 4 0!!! Happy Birthday sweetie nothing but LOVE for ya!!!
Oh this post became quite long....:)

Over and out

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Random thoughts...

...about my LO for week #140 over at CCG “My first maternity top”. Seriously time really flies, can't believe that it is CCG #140 already. My first # was#64! Wow I have made a lot of combos :) Anyhoooo I am as I said before pregnant and growing in rapid speed.....and this is my very first maternity top, I got it from my lillsiss (I know lillsis) Barbie. THANK YOU Barbie!!!


In this pick you can really see how incredibly tired I am. But since I am soooo happy and feels so blessed I pretend that I look fab and über gorgeous!!!

If you want to play go here:Color Combos Galore. The colours this week are: chiffon - white lines - copper brown - sun's grace.

Have a great week ya’ll!!!

Ove and Out, xo

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Random thoughts...

Update 1/13/10

My "Baby bump" LO is featured on Craft's Jan 13th Inspiration du Jour!!! Yay how cool is that! And BTW if you are looking for really fab calendar for 2010, they have a freebie go, go look!!! :)


Over and out & lots of xo


...about how this is a picture of me and my baby bump!!! Yay, me and Bob aka mr Mustache are having a baby!!! :) Anyhooooo the pic is from a few weeks ago, and trust me the baby bump is a lot bigger now, I am at week 23, yay!!!. To paint a picture and give you a clue about how I look I will use the words “beached whale”!!! “Baby bump” is my LO for week #139 over at CCG, if you want to play go here: Color Combos Galore

Have a great week ya’ll!!!

Ove and Out, xo

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Random thoughts...

...about......oooops I forgot to post this in December....:)Okay now it is better!!!

Oh and Happy New Year ya'll!!!
Note To Self: do something about my boring blog in 2010!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Monday, December 14, 2009

It is that time again...

Yaaahoooo bigsiss & co are coming home for x-mas in only 5 days!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random thoughts...

...about......or I should just say hello there strangers... :)
I just wanted to post some x-mas cards I made with
"North Pole" this months puncher kit.

Seriously I must be the worst blogger ever...evah!!!