Friday, July 9, 2010

Random thoughts...

My LO for week #150 over at CCG.
This week I used Scrapblog to make a digi LO.
The combo for week #150. I really love this weeks
combo and the pic is really inspiring. I am totally
curtain that I will use it again. I might just use the
pic below on one. Think this combo would be perfect.
I and when I do I will make sure to post a pic :)
And I just had to share this pic of me and my
darling adorable son. He is so cute!!!

...about my LO for week #150 over at CCG and about how I today, or maybe I should say this evening had some work to do.
Let me start again!
...about my LO for week #150 over at CCG and about how I this evening had some work to do. I was in bed and while I worked on some new book illustrations my darling boy was sleeping on a pillow in my lap, I eat some snacks (or to be honest a looooot of snacks anyhooooo) and watched TV. Let me tell you my friends on days like this, life sure is good GOOD!!!
And yes I used only one hand :)

If you want to play along each week with some of the best colour combo artists ever, just go here: Color Combos Galore.

Over and Out


McMGrad89 said...

A baby?? I hadn't seen you (internetly speaking) in a while...mostly my fault as I have stopped colour combos. Then I thought of you and found your blog and see you had a baby. How exciting. Well, enjoy this time and the snack eating. It all passes so quickly.

Annemarie (mommyvictory from sistv)

Lillsisslill said...

Hi Annemarie!!! Wow I totally missed that you stopped by my blog, I am really sorry! I am the worst blogger ever!!! Yes I had a baby, a baby boy and he such a sweet little man. But he takes up almost all my time, and that is totally okay with me:)
Sad to hear that you no longer do the CCG challenges. I am still on the Design Team but on a "short" hiatus. I really miss scrapping the combos. Hope you come back to CCG, if not I will go to Scrapblog and look at your LO's:)
Once again sorry for not responding earlier.
Hope all is well with you and your family.

Take care and (((Big Hugs)))
/Lillyrose :)