Sunday, January 10, 2010

Random thoughts...

Update 1/13/10

My "Baby bump" LO is featured on Craft's Jan 13th Inspiration du Jour!!! Yay how cool is that! And BTW if you are looking for really fab calendar for 2010, they have a freebie go, go look!!! :)


Over and out & lots of xo


...about how this is a picture of me and my baby bump!!! Yay, me and Bob aka mr Mustache are having a baby!!! :) Anyhooooo the pic is from a few weeks ago, and trust me the baby bump is a lot bigger now, I am at week 23, yay!!!. To paint a picture and give you a clue about how I look I will use the words “beached whale”!!! “Baby bump” is my LO for week #139 over at CCG, if you want to play go here: Color Combos Galore

Have a great week ya’ll!!!

Ove and Out, xo

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Jojorenee said...

Congrats on the Baby!!!! He is adorable. Miss you over @