Saturday, June 14, 2008

Random thoughts...

My Virtual SISiversary Event challenge pictures.

My first challenge ever....eeeekkkk!!!! And it is called "I'm CUTE & you are?"

Michelle's 3am NarcisSIStic Challenge; journaling reads: Michelle's 3am NarcisSIStic Challenge. Wow this is a hard challenge!!! It is so much easier to think of the faults that I have or all the faults I think I have. But if truth be told what I really love about myself is that I am not afraid to go my own way and speak my mind. This is nothing that I can thank myself for it is all thanks to my family. I was brought up and surrounded by people that gave me the feeling and the conviction that there is nothing I can not do if I set my mind to it and stay true to my self. I am not perfect, far from it. But I am not afraid to go my own way and speak my mind. These are strengths I value and love about myself. It is a big part of my personality and has made me who I am. So my answer must be I love me for me. I used things from the SIStv goodie bag on this one. It is a hybrid LO.

Divian's 4pm Jukebox Shuffle Challenge

I used my pp I made for the pp challenge, picture from the People and Places challenge and some of the fab stuff from the SIStv goodies bag.
People and Places challenge
...about me and my bigsiss at the kitchen table. She is finally here (she been home for almost a week now. YAY!!!) at my side of the planet:) and I have been staying with her. Normally we Skype every day so we just tried to Skype each other sitting opposite at the kitchen table:) Didn’t work so well but it was fun....LOL!!!
Mizzm's DIGI CHALLENGE - Create a piece of paper
I made a some 12x12 pp in PS. I used some sticker letters as a base of the pp. Since I am not intending to sell this and it is just made for fun there is no prob with the © of the company that makes the stickers:) Yay my first challenge this weekend!!!!

Random Challenge #2
My fave shoes. They are probably one of the cheapest pair I have. I bought them in the subway market in Taipei/Taiwan. And I love them!!! My sister says that my feet looks like they are from a dead person. And they do in this pic and in real life:) The colour is 7 shades lighter than my hands and face:)

Eeeeekkkkk!!!! Only 45min to my SIStv challenge is up!!!! HELP!!!!:)

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Lisa said...

I love your creations! Your layouts look wonderful :)