Thursday, February 7, 2008

Random thoughts...

Journaling reads “Stop your whining and start creating.
Get a hold of yourself woman! Big girls don’t cry.”

...about when I was at university and went in to the printing studio on my first day for my very first printing class, there was a big sign on the wall in the studio that said “Here we don’t cry while we work”. Today I had so much work to do that I actually felt like crying out of exhaustion. I find it a pure pleasure to cry once in awhile. My family and friends wouldn’t agree on this they would probably say that crying is my number one pastime activity. I guess I have to agree if I was to be honest, but I will not! And then I remembered that sign and it made me think of these words and that they would be perfect for a “Note To Self” page. That was my day and yup chicken nuggets for dinner and vegetables?..... nope.


BigSiss said...

You look more beautiful than ever my dear!

Debee Campos said...

wonderful mantra! Lilly you are awesome! I love this journal you keep- very cool! And girl, you so look good in that cute towel and mask! I can't pull that off to save my life! ALright, off to leave some lub for my SISters!
Have fun in the next round! You'll be amazing-I know it!!!
-Debee Campos

AnnaB said...

Oh, I could use such a sign sometimes... =) Great page!!!!

Kimberly said...

Beautiful pic!