Sunday, February 24, 2008

Random thoughts...

…about my weekend:
Friday= ………all I can say is CRAZY!!! Fun, fun,fun and I know some really fun people. And one that is totally bananas!!!:)

PLS Note: Those who know who or what I am talking about DON’T POST ANYTHING ABOUT IT HERE!!! I mean it because that would be really, really evil and I would not appreciate it at all! TIA

Saturday= we got a lot of work done and the designs are fab, fab I tell you!!! It is so fun designing for this team I didn’t even mind that we hade to work on a Saturday (after only a few hours of sleep). We made some final col.way adjustments and we now have all the measurements for the entire collection YAHOOOOOO!!!! I sooooo wish I was coming along to China this timeL. Can’t stand the thought of having to wait for the first samples to come back from the factory.

Sunday= Thank you for the dinner darling! Love you!!!

Picture 1. Yeah I cut my hair (all by my self) on Friday afternoon, as you can see it is not even at all.

Picture 2. My whatever face.

Over and out

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BigSiss said...

Looks like you'r working to much baby! Your so skinny!!! Don't U forget about them greens!!!!

Kisses and hugs