Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random thoughts...

YAY it worked...one day later:)

Still not working....BLOGGER!!! COME ON!!!! DARLING, SWEETIE...please?!
I am having trouble uploading my LO-pic, will try later. I am starting to back away from the computer before I hurt it, going, going.....gone!!!
...about how I said before that it ain't all good in Lillsissland, but I am getting there:)
Here is my LO for week #107 over at CCG.
Journaling reads; Words are just letters put together, but they can still hurt like... Words can lift your spirit and give you wings, they can make you fly with hope, faith and dignity. The can set your heart on fire and make you believe. Or they can slowly burn the wings of hope. Feather by feather...until the fire reaches the heart and turn it into ashes of lost hope. I choose the words I take to heart, and I chose the words that will lift me up and make me fly! ....I’m rubber and you are glue...

If you want to take part in this weeks challenge go here; Color Combos Galore

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