Monday, January 19, 2009

Random thoughts...

...about my lo for week #106 over at CCG.
The other day I thought Bob aka Mr Moustache how to screen-print a t-shirt the easy way. He had this design that he really wanted on a t-shirt. We first talked about that I should do it for him, but then I thought why not teach him how to do it him self. He was really happy with the result and I must say that he did a great job! He made two one bluish with a red print and one black with a gold print. I didn’t put the story behind the picture in the journaling but I will, as soon as I figure out how I want the journaling to be placed and look on the LO. So this LO is what I must call “a work in progress” one :)

If you want to take part in this weeks challenge go here; Color Combos Galore
A message 4 you Bob aka Mr Moustache;
Over and Out

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