Monday, March 10, 2008

Random thoughts

...about OLW, winning and phone calls.
(Totally uncensored and with no spelling or grammar check!)

Everyone that knows me knows that I am a really cranky morning person, so this morning I was sitting and working and I hade my coffee and was lurking on some of my fave blogs….and came over to the OLW challenge blog…. I won , look at me now I’m dancing!!! I won and it’s on OLW ya’ll!I am happy dancing, crying, singing, sobbing and doing really cool kung fu moves all over the place. (Don’t know why I do the kung fu moves but it feels right!!!).

I had to call my Bigsiss on Skype (my Bigsiss that is getting ready to go to bed, dang the whole thing of living on different sides of the planet). My BIL answered and I was like –IS BIGSISS THERE?!!!!

BIL- she is trying to make DJ go back to sleep.

Me- Okay tell her to call me at once

BIL- Okay.

Me……Oh sorry I forgot to say Hi and how are you?

BIL- it’s okay J (the poor guy is kind of used to me and my Bigsiss bad phone manners when we only want to talk to each other, BTW I just talked to her 20 mins before this call, to thank her for sending me a surprise gift of a subscription to Memory Makers magazine for two years, how sweet can a Bigsiss be♥).Then we talked for a bit about yadayadayada. Then Bigsiss came to the phone (I call Skype phone even if I know is via the computer).

Bigsiss- Hi what happened.

Me- nothing really, I just wanted you to see this (sent a link to OLW via the chatt).

Bigsiss- WINNER!!!, YOU ARE THE WINNER, YOU WOOOOON!!! And with an LO with a picture of you on it ( people seam to think it is strange that I hardly ever use pics of me that I post). WTG Lill!!! GOOD for you congrats yadayadayada!!!

I love that she is always so genuinely happy and super suportive of me and that we sill always share all parts of our life’s!

Called my (always travelling) mama who thankfully had her cell phone on (she is on her way to spend a week at my sister Andy’s house, babysitting her teenager:)) I screamed in her ear I WOOOOOON, I WOOOOON, I woooon mum, I wooon!!! My mum is now I’m afraid deaf on her right ear but I think she thinks it is worth it since her “baby” WOOOOON!!!

My fried Jea called about something else, but the conversation ended up at that I WOOOON!!! And I called Miss H and you know how the story goes….I will probably call everyone I ever met and just shout I WOOOOON!!!

Well, well silly Lill you have to get a hold of yourself and act like a graceful winner now.

I really want to say a big thank you to Amber, Gigi, Jessi, Karla, Lynn, Tiff and Ronda!!!

And all jokes aside this really means a lot to me. More than most of you will ever know. It is not just the winning in it self, it is that I am always inspired by the OLW words and that this time I got up the courage to post something so “exposed” and “un-cute”. The message in the LO is about so many things in my life that I have to constantly struggle with in life.

Once again thank you!!!

Winning with this LO made me very happy and now I will hold my head up and my back strait (pun totally intended, toot, toot Scoliosis in da house, don’t worry I look fine (I’m so vain) it only hurts like…). Tonight I will celebrate with chocolate cake:)

Congrats to all the scraper that have their beautiful fab projects in the OLW caught our eyes section.




Debee Campos said...

Doing a happy kung foo like dance for you!!!
Bust a move! You SO deserve this!!!

Lisa said...

oh Wow! congrats girl :) You deserve it. I love your work and that layout was very moving. Love it!! :)

Antoinette said...

Congrats!! You deserve it girl, enjoy your cake!

Amber Ulmer said...

wow, I am so touched by your post! I am so glad that you are excited! I loved ur layout and the others did as well! Lub ya girlie

Cammeron said...

omg you are so cute!

Ronda P. said...

A big huge so deserve it. Such a powerful layout! Maybe you should put your pic on there more often.....LOL...send me an email so we can get you your prize package!

Tiffany said...

Congratulations to you!!! I'm excited that you are excited! It's contagious! :D Congratulations again. :D

scrapcat said...

congrats girl!!!

so fun that you can share the good news with your bigsiss on the other side of the planet.

gotta love skype!

Gigi said...

YAY LIL!!!!!!
congrats sweetie!!!!!

you bust a kung foo! you deserve it!!!!



Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! You deserve that cake!
btw a second slice is in order too!
Great job on your Layout!

Trish said...

Huge congrats to you--and it is well deserved! Enjoy this time--it is the first of many, I'm sure...

MsGrace said...

congratulations...super cool LO.