Monday, March 31, 2008

Random thoughts...

The journaling reads; Sisters and best friends!
Ed one day you will understand, how blessed you are to have a sister like Ally,
that always puts up with your crazy ideas.
This weeks LO, Color Combo Galore#65. Come on over and play at Color Combos Galore, the colours/colors are really fantastic and super inspiring.

...about the life of a family and a new puppy called it is not it is only some pictures from yesterday.

The kids really wanted to “schwapbook” as Alli calls it. So me, lillsiss Barbie and the kids had a “babycrop” at mum’s house. It was lots of fun. Ed was mostly interested in looking at the pictures of Grandpa and then she wanted to put the cap on and of the glue stick about a million times, she was also actually quite good at cutting the pp in incredibly tiny pieces. Ally was super concentrated the whole time. She is always so creative in her way of thinking; it is so fun and interesting to watch her when she is creating some thing with her hands. There is an artist in that little girl.
Schwapbooking, pancakes for lunch and pizza for dinner this was most certainly a good day.
Just the way I want my Sundays to be...

And Alli wanted to be picked up early today so that she could go home and “schwapbook” :)


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Heather said...

Love that layout! SO cute!

Lisa said...

Cute! and your layout adorable. I really enjoyed the video :) Looks like you had the perfect weekend.