Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about how my body is my temple and this temple have been mighty tired. I had the day of from work today, or I should say that I gave my self the permission to take the day of today.
I had a meeting yesterday that has been eating me from inside the last month. I have been working on this project that I had to pitch yesterday and I if truth be told was terrified. I really believe in my self and my work but there was a lot depending on the outcome of the meeting. Thankfully it went beyond my expectation and imagination so I could finally breathe out for the first time in over a month. This was only the first meeting out of three but at the moment I feel more than satisfied. I will write more about this some other time, but the temple is tierd now...

After the meeting I treated my self to some new stuff. No I didn’t spend my hard earned money on anything I didn’t need. Among others things I really needed a puncher (that I really, really wanted). Most women would have bought shoes and I didn’t do that so I think I did good. After that I meet up with C for some conversation and a little bite to eat (that is how a woman should put it right, even dough I eat more than most men a girl can pretend right). It was nice even if I was like in a cloud of peanut butter ( don’t really know how else to put it, I was like happy, sweet and rather slow in my thoughts and movements).

And today I slept like there was no tomorrow!!! Then I had coffee in bed and watched Oprah. Now you might get why I consider my body a temple. Oprah is always right and if she says that the body is a temple it must be true. The show was about losing weight, listening to your body and stuff. Then I strode to the computer like a princess in my PJ’s and checked my e-mail, chatted with friends that was at work(silly people:)) and then I had a little work that had to be done. Then I looked at old episodes of the View (while working and having a chocolate cake and coffee lunch). Worked for 4 hours and then the temple wanted to have a nap. I did so you can’t go against the temple’s wish, that is not good according to Oprah. Woke up and watched a little TV. Got a tiny little bit mega crazy hungry. Got dressed and strode yet again like a princess to my mums house, that is on the way to the place where I was going to buy the food of the temples wishes. It was only a quick stop to say hi the temple was eager to get what the temple had cravings for, and it was; Chèvre, delicacy beetroot ( don’t know why the are called that, the only deferens that I can see is that the are smaller and they are frightfully clean in the “cute” little plastic bag. Regular beetroots are big and dirty:) they taste the same. But the temple like the word delicacy, and so the temple will get delicacy). Delicacy cherry tomatoes (what is it with delicacy? Is it for real or is it for fooling people like me, that think they are really good chefs just because it says delicacy in the store regarding the product? No it must be better quality since the price is much higher, right? Can you say fished in, BTW don’t forget to make appropriate gills flapping hand movements while saying it).All of this baked in the oven on slices of a “French” baguette with drizzled honey on top of it. With this mountain of goodness I had a baby spinach salad topped with toasted pine nuts and Crema di Balsamico and drank apple cider. I wish that I liked wine it probably would have been perfect for this “delicacy” dinner for the temple.And for desert CANDY! And we are talking an obscene amount of candy!!!

This is what I did today and I started a small kitchen fire (again) and that was about it...

Over and out
Lillsiss the lill temple


Lisa said...

and Oprah got that from the bible.. My grandmother used to say it alot.. "girl, y' body is the temple of God" It is in the New Testament I think.

Your day sounds wonderful! Love days when I do just what "the temple" wants :)

and btw.. congrats on happy results so you could breathe out again :)

Janet said...

wtg on your first meeting and good luck on the next two!!

Did you have to use the fire extinguisher, ruin your walls, ventilator and stove like I did a month ago in my kitchen? :)

mamma said...

You never told me about the fire? Lets just hope that you dont start a big one like the one we had on top of our house. You remember, it was so big that even CNN showed it on the news. Please be careful.
Love Mamma