Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Random thoughts...

…about good news in Lillsissland

I have been asked to be guest designer for Quirio kits (don’t know when yet) and on Scrapmusik in April. Okay I know it is not happening now today or even this month, but it made me happy and I wanted to share. I have been having a mega pity party since I have been sick (fever and my eyes are driving me completely nuts, and that is why they are being punished and not allowed to be in the “happy” picture). I have of course self medicated with my fave home remedy “Los chocolate cakeos” (as in fridge picture below) and I think it is working. Feeling a bit better already.


Over and out


Olavi said...

I really would love to know the name on your toothpaste!

O said...

I mean OF your toothpaste!!!

Rhi said...

congrats lady :)