Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Baby boy!!!

A year ago today was a scary day. My sister Bella had Dexter James, he was born premature by C-section. My sister had been very ill all trough the pregnancy and Dexter James had a really hard time in the womb. I hade stayed with my sister for a few weeks helping her with her three year old daughter Mie, since her husband Marw was away in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai working. Then the Doctors made the decision that it was time for DJ to come out. Poor Marw got on a plane and came home just in time.
All the flying, stress and jet lag made him sick. He had tonsillitis and high fever.
DJ was having problems breathing at first so they had to stay in hospital longer than planed. I stayed with Mie who also was getting sick, Marw got sicker and sicker so we decided to switched places. I went and stayed with Bella and DJ in the hospital.
This was very special for me and I will cherish the memory of it forever. DJ is one today and he is fun, charming, precious and very smart, he is a lovely little boy.
This day really makes me remember and appreciate, what I have, what I have been given and all that I have to be grateful for!

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