Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Winning this challenge is bitter sweet

I entered the Trish''s 1234 challenge over at Scrap in Style and I won, Yay I won. It’s the first time for me to win a scrap-challenge. And I’m happy about the winning. The winner was pronounced several days late, so I thought that I missed it. Then the post came up that it was late because Trish grandfather died. And she didn’t have time to look at all the submissions. Today the winner post came up and I couldn’t help to think about how hard it must have been for her, having to think of something as irrelevant as a scrap-challenge at a time like this. I am so very sorry for her loss


Anonymous said...

Congrat... I´m proud of you. Jean

Paperbagdaisy said...

congrats! it's beautiful!