Tuesday, August 7, 2007

1,2,3,4 Trish made me scrap some more!!!

Photo on layout: Bella Bliss

I went to the post office yesterday and they gave me a really large packet!!!
And looked at it and told the man behind the desk; No that can’t be it, it’s way to BIG!!!
I carried it in my arms like a newborn baby all the way to my mum’s house. Mie was at mum’s house and she was delighted that I won. She was jumping up and down screaming;
You woooooon, you woooooon, hip, hip, hurrah you wooooon, you won a scrap challenge!!!!!!!!!!!
And then she started dancing and swirling around me singing; scrap challenge, scrap challenge, scrap challenge won a scrap challenge!!!!!!!!!!!
She is really super supportive.
I made a quick LO of Mie last night only using the pink wrapping paper and some embellishments, the wrapping paper was super cute and she loved it!

It was the first time for me to win a scrap challenge and it really made me happy!
Thank you Trish/nattansmom for the prize, I really love it, the colours and patterns are great and very inspiring!

→→→→ →→→→♥ And this happend as well ♥→→ →→→→ →→→→

My layout for the OLW #6 "Automatic" challenge was mentioned as a favourite!!! I don't think it was the LO, it must have been the darling picture of Ed and Alli!

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Martha Bonneau said...

Congrats on winning the challenge...have fun with your goodies, I love the pink LO, too cute!

milkcan said...

Congratulations on winning! And, what an awesome layout you created!

Kathy said...

Congratulations! How cute the way Mie kept singing and dancing saying you won!

I love the pink! Cute layouts!