Friday, August 24, 2007

Have to tell you about a special moment in my life that happened two years ago.

A big DD fan here! My first DD record was by Duran Duran, it was their first record that they put out the Duran Duran (1981). Me and my best friend at the time Rosie was the only girls singing Girls on film on the swings! I and Rosie lived for DD. We knew all the songs, videos and all the articles where memorised. I can still name birthdays, old girlfriends, favourite foods and middle names of the band. We lived for the music, movies and posters, posters, posters, posters everywhere!!! We went to several concerts. Rosie and I was inseparable all trough school and then we started to see each other less and less; finally we grow apart and lost touch.

The moment
It was my birthday and I had my party at my favourite restaurant with lots of my girl friends.
I got some really cool gifts. And my sister Bella who is my absolute best friend and knows me better than any one gave me a book. She was totally exited about the book, a really old and strange book with coloured pictures. I was like okay; there must be something in this book that made her think of me, and something that she thinks that I can learn from. I looked through the book and thank her; to be honest I didn’t get it. And then she said look at the last page………….and there they were two tickets to an upcoming DD concert, one for her and one for me.
I didn’t believe it and I started to cry. Talking about how much fun we where going to have.
Then I started to think about Rosie. Wonder what happened to her and I was wondering if she would be there. Time passed and I was really looking forward to the concert. Rosie still came in my thoughts time to time. The day of the concert came. I was really exited and was listening to DD while getting ready. My sister said that I hade to come and pick her up at our parents house because her babysitter was late. I went to home to my parent’s house and it was very quiet. I got Goosebumps, something was wrong different in a way I, couldn’t put my finger on it was just a feeling I got. I called her name and she answered- I’m in the kitchen.
I went in to the kitchen an there sitting at the table was Rosie, my mind went totally blank, I didn’t know what year it was, how did she get there, was she a ghost, I got tunnel vision and almost fainted, hade to take a grab on to the zinc so I wouldn’t fall. I asked or rather whispered – are you for real?
She was and Bella had been all PI on the web and found her. Bella said that I knew that the only one that really would love this experience as much as you is Rosie, so the other ticket is for her and not me. Happy birthday!
The concert was great and we had the best time ever!!!

Thank you once again Bella and thank you Rosie. Thank you both for this moment and treasured memory. Love you!!!

After the concert while we where leaving the arena, we where talking franticly and not paying attention to the traffic. I didn’t notice that we where at a crossing Rosie stopped but I kept on going and I almost got run over by the car that the band was in. But the only thing I saw trough the window was a big camera lens. So if you ever se a girl with a red and white striped umbrella in any DD footage looking awfully much like a dear in headlights It’s me!!!!


Peggy Severins said...

What a most thoughtful gift and what a great memory. How sweet, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Siss!

You made me so happy writing this! It was so much fun to give you this gift. You are absolutly worth it, and more!!! If you want to cry... You cry.

Käli Mäli Säli!

Anonymous said...

What a wunderful story. Allmost unrearl. I just love your familystories. They are febules!