Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Miranda moment...

POTD: 8/15/07
The picture has nothing to do with the story, it is just cute. :)
This is what happened to me last night.
I’m having the mother of all colds with a (slight) fever. Oh man I’m really sick.

I was at home and suddenly became very hungry, looked in to my empty fridge and found old boxes of I don’t know what (will bee sending them to an archaeology lab for a test, will keep you updated on the finds) and some cheese way in the back. I went to the nearest food store at eight pm trying to find something to eat, and then I realized that I was far to sick to kook.. Thought of going to the food court but my poor sick body couldn’t walk that far. So I locked at the frozen food section and didn’t find anything to my fancy. Because I’m very sick the food did not appeal to my poor sick taste buds. And I had TV-dinner the night before. I thought that maybe I should have something more nutritious so that my cold would ease up quicker.
I made the shoos to go to the nearest pizza house and order on to go. To be frank I often end up there on my food shopping routs. When I came in the two pizza guys smiled and said hey and kept on talking in there own languish, nothing strange about that. I was looking at the menu and trying to decide what to have for dinner. I felt the guys looking at me, looked up and they smiled, I smiled back and thought that they seemed to be awfully happy today. They kept on looking at me and smile, talking, smiling, talking and smiling. Okay so they are happy. And then I heard one of the saying “Hawaii” and the other one turned his back to me and laugh really quietly, but I saw how his shoulders go up and down. He couldn’t stop laughing so he went in to the kitchen. They where talking about ME!!! Since they where talking in there own languish I didn’t understand a word except “Hawaii”
So I said - No I will not be having the “Hawaii pizza” today, I'll have the….looked up at the menu board…???
The remaining pizza guy - Yes…what pizza?…hm….we where not talking about you...we meant Dubai…....not Hawaii. (he was super red in the face).

Me- I’ll have the…. (still staring at the board)…a…pizza.

Pizza guy- Yes….what pizza?….Dubai it was Dubai.

Me- I’ll have the…pizza with… (eyes panicking all over the board, diden’t understand a word)…with…hm

Pizza guy- Yes….what pizza?

Me- I’ll have the…pizza with… (my eyes all of a sudden started to recognise words on the board)…with….. .......cheese…olives….salami… tomato sauce …and minced meat. Yes that is what I want to have on my pizza!?

Pizza guy- Yes, what pizza???? That is on the menu?!

Me- No, it is a special pizza….that is what I want on my pizza. Yes that is what I want today….not the Hawaii.
I placed my order and told him that I will wait outside. Called up Jean on my cell and told her of the Miranda moment. Went back in and paid for my pizza. They diden't have change so I got my “special pizza” 5% of. Guess they where feeling bad and didn’t want to lose the main contributor to there income. Feelt great and I almost for got that I was really sick (for the moment).

Dang I guess I’m a man since I pity my self so for having a plain cold.

*Miranda moment/Sex and the city = getting laught at while phoning in an foodorder.
*Hawaii = pizza with tomato saus, chease, ham and pinaple.
* Special pizza= tomato sauce, cheasse, olives, salmi and minsed meat. Not to be recommended!!!

BTW I don’t really like pinaple on my pizza, hardly ever eat it but the yellow looks so cute with the red tomatoes and the pink ham.


PROLIX said...


so cool pic!!!

bonne journée!!!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Deanna Thompson said...

so sorry you are sick!!!
but I almost spit my coffe out when I read "Miranda moment"!!! I knew what was coming! lol
I am sure that there aer SEVERAL eateries that say that about me! lol I always order the same thing...only not even directly off the menu, I alter it, so it is very noticable when I go to Sonic and order a BLt on untoatsed bread! lol cause I always gotta explain to them, please don't toast the bread, leave it plain. No I do ont want it on a bun, I want it on bread, just not toasted!! lol
so, I fell ya!!

Debbi said...

Too funny. Next time your sick get some Chinese soup. It always makes me feel better.

Stephanie Jedlicka said...

LOVE the pic! :)

lol LOVE the pizza ordering experience.

Hope you feel better soon. ;)