Monday, September 10, 2007

A heart of pure gold

The other day my BIL was coming to my side of the world to work for a week. The company that he works for is based here. I know it is only a month ago since they went back home, but it was great to se him. I see my bigsiss everyday on line. We use the web-cam so that even if we are in different parts of the world we can still have an everyday life together. The only problem is that we are in different time zones (6 hours). On one of those occasions my bigsiss told me that she was going to send me a little present. The "little" present was a small puncher, 5 colours of embossing powder, super cute flower eyelets, 175 papers with different patterns and the mother of all flower punchers. Holy smokes I couldn’t believe it!!! She must have gone mad. Okay so she has a lot of scrap supplies at home (she could open up her own scrap store, and her DH knows and doesn’t mind, what a great guy!!!). The thing is that all of the stuff was new! NEW I tell you! There was so much PP that I at first didn’t know where to start. I made this one of her in black and white and with grey as an accent. I didn’t want to put a lot of colours and embellishments to take away the attention from the beauty of the simple small things. I used the B/W as a metaphor for true beauty. She is a beautiful person not for always giving. I don’t mean the things that she gives, she is beautiful for the things she gives that can not be seen or heard but the things that only can be felt. Don’t really know how to put it.
You are blessed with a heart of pure gold♥ xoxoxo
This is too much PP for one person so I’m going to have a mini crop with my lillsiss because she is just starting to get interested in scrapbooking. Hope that when she sees all the goodies she will get inspired. Maybe mum will join as well (PLS keep your fingers crossed).


Kelly S. said...

your layout is stunning!
what sweet sis you have, enjoy your goodies.

Tracie H said...

What a stunning LO...its beautiful.

nessa said...

i really really really love your style girl!!!!!