Thursday, April 3, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about that today it is Ed’s 2nd birthday!!! Yay Ed!!!
This is one of my absolutely favourite persons in the world....the myth...the mystery.....the child.....the girl....the girl we call her Ed.

Name: Ed or that is what we call her
Age: 2, 4 if you ask her
Favourite colour: pink and purple, or as she calls it “pinkpurple”
Favourite food: almost anything, she loves food and is not scared of trying new stuff.
Favourite song: Posted down below
Favourite person: her bigsiss Alli, but Ed thinks that she is the bigsiss. She once told Alli when they where fighting that she was the bigsiss and that upset Alli.
Favourite snack: cinnamon rolls
Favourite drink: milk
Favourite word (at the moment): NO!!! And that goes as yes. Example;
Ed- Milk, I want some milk please (she talks really well and is super polite)
Me- do you want some milk?
Ed- no I don’t want milk, thank you
Me- Okay
Ed- milk please
Me- but you didn’t want the milk
Ed- no
Me- do you want milk or not?
Ed- yes
Me- here you go
Ed- No don’t want milk
(And then she drinks it )
Ed- thank you:)
She can do like this with anything and everything.

Hey Ed I am posting your favourite song so that you can dance and do all the moves to it. Come on Ed the stage is yours!!!

And I want to say happy birthday to my dad.
Dad never really cared much about his birthday the only thing that was “really important” to him on his b-day was that he was the “man in charge” he just liked saying things like – today is my birthday and I make all the decisions.
-I am the only one that has any say in anything today since it is my birthday.
-you cant have any of my is cream.
If we tried to change the channel he would say- give me the remote control it is my birthday. You can go and watch TV in your own rooms.
And then a few seconds later -what did you want to see:) He never could keep a strait face for a long time. And yes we all got ice scream...

Miss you old man and hope you are having a great time. See you later and don’t forget your promise, that you will come and meet me...

The sun was going down when I started writing this and the sky was bright pink. I guess he decide that it was his birthday and that there was going to be a party. It is dark now but if you look up and you see the biggest and brightest star in the sky, then that is my dad.

Happy Birthday dad and Ed, love you!!!


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BigSiss said...

Knowing him there is no rush, he always took things pole,pole.
So take your time to do what you're sent here to do.