Friday, April 18, 2008

Random thoughts...

This looks so bad, and it was kid of good but I don't feel so good now:)1

...about seriously how hard can cooking really be...apparently it is too hard for little old me. Oh well this is a post mostly about my love of bacon. Bacon, bacon I love me some bacon, I’ve had bacon every day this week. But on Monday to Thursday I had it with cream, peas, corn, paprika and pasta. Can you say high cholesterol...Yesterday morning I felt bored with the idea of having the pasta-cream-veg-thingy dinner so I had it for lunch instead and my blessed marmalade toast for dinner. Today I had blessed marvellous marmalade toast for lunch and bacon for dinner. And with my oh so well fried bacon I had pre shaped mystical potato things and jam. I think I love jam almost as much as bacon, if not even more. I can have jam on almost anything. It is like with ketchup or jeans they work with every kind of combo or occasion, I could go on for ever and I won’t.

I got to do something about my good-for-nothing cooking skills. I consider my self a creative person, and lots of people would probably agree with me. But WTH is up with my cooking skills and creativity? And yeah I as usual burnt the food...and what is up with that?!!! Well, well that was it about my “food/cooking issues”.

This was my day; I woke up in a good mood. Worked (and that involves chatting, e-mail work/personal, phone calls once again W&P and all kind of computer stuff), sat and contemplated about mucho importante stuff, broke a nail, cut all my nails of really short*, scraped on Saha’s
Wacky Wednesday SSC #11 , went food shopping, visited my mum and her “crazy” puppy (and my mum gave me a jar of jam, the jam in the picture). Add here I am now blogging and watching the View on my pc...and I am starting to feel sick. Burnt bacon no good.....Happy Friday ya’ll!!!

*Since my nails now are so short I can type like Mozart played the piano! It’s kinda cool Ich been Liberace of the keyboard yes.

Promise I won't be upset if you comment about how bad it looks:)

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AWWW.... lol. on the bacon!!! You're post was cracking me up. Thanks for sharing....I hope you start feeling better soon. No bacon for breakfast tomorrow right?