Friday, July 4, 2008

Random thoughts...

Update: This layout was put in the OLW "caught our eyes" slide.
Yay!!!! A big thank you to the OLW Design Team team!!!
Have to start working on my next OLW LO the word this week is "IF".
The journaling/title work is a bit strange. I just wanted to put down the thoughts
that I had about that sometimes when we know each other for such a long time
that we don’t always see the changes that happens in our personalities, we often
keep on seeing things that where but are no longer there. it can sometimes be a
good thing and sometimes not be a good thing IYKWIM. Where am I going with
this line of thoughts.....I don’t really know. I wanted to illustrate it but I didn’t
really know how to get all of that down on the LO. Think I will keep on working
on this idea and on this theme.
...about friendship and keeping in contact. I have this friend that I haven’t had contact with for a while. We have known each other for about 20 years(no it is not Jean:)). Don’t really know why we lost contact but we did. Nothing really happened but it was just one of those; You want to call but don’t have time right then. So you plan to make that call later that evening. Then you think that you will call the person tomorrow, and then tomorrow becomes the day after tomorrow and it goes on and on. Then all of a sudden quite some time has passed since you last saw each other or talked. Then after a while you think that you would have so much to talk about when you finally make that call and that the conversation would probably be very long since you have to run through all that has happened during that time that you haven’t had any contact. And then you can’t find the time or should I say you don’t take the time to make that call and then after a while you forget that you even where supposed to make that call...

We are now back on track. It is actually really fun to hear and share all about what has happened in this “while we lost contact” time. But the thing I like the most with things like this and when stuff like this happens is that when it is a real friendship it doesn’t matter that time has passed, you just pick up the friendship where you “left it”. No hard or hurt feelings and absolutely no drama.

Anyhoooo I wanted to make a layout about all of this but didn’t really know how. So I made a layout about a chat we had the other day.

Over and out!

Hope I made some sense in my ramblings about long lost friendship and keeping in contact, if not come back and read it in a “while” and it will probably be much more interesting....


Jules said...

Super cute page, I love the title!

McMGrad89 said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Don't you hate when you have all this stuff running through your head and it just doesn't want to come out coherently? I think you did a great job telling your friend how you feel. After all, it is between you and your friend. Your friend will understand. I have two friends like that.


*kim* said...

I seriously "get it!" I have a bff like that - life moves on but there is always a connection. I really love the LO and the fact that you have Ella Fitz on your playlist!

Happy 4th!