Monday, November 3, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about us being crazy in love.....or are we just a crazy looking couple in love.....or a crazy couple in love(?).
The pictures of me and Bob aka Mr Moustache where taken by my lillsiss (I know, lilsis) while we where having dinner at mums house a while back. My lillsiss (I know, lilsis)took a lot of pictures of us and after every single click she said – let me just take one both look a bit crazy in this one....

Then she showed us and was all like –whatyathink,amIright,crazylooking,yathink,crazyright? (she talks a bit to fast at times).

Anyhooooo I just loved this weeks combo (once again)!!! I wanted to use B/W pics and I decided to use the grey as my primary colour and use the sienna, chartreuse and straw for the embellishments and parts of the title. I used dark brow stickers for the “LOVE” in the title even if that colour isn’t in this weeks combo, I was all out of big grey stickers and I wanted to have the word prominent on the LO:) I tried to keep the design of the layout simple, with no visible journaling or doodling. I wanted to let the pictures do the talking. Hope it worked:) You can often spot crazy miles away, What am I on about......I am rambling.....once I am “CRAZY in LOVE”:)

If you want to take part in this weeks challenge go here Color Combos Galore,Color Combo #95.

Over and out

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lillsisslill, thanks so much for your comment on my CCG LO, am so glad that I got to look at your delightful site. Your designs are all to my liking, I love having heaps of "white space" on a page, it is so pleasing to the eye, especially love your no more pics layout, may have to scraplift that one!!! Have a gr8 day, be back to visit soon, Tiff :o)