Sunday, July 8, 2007

Raisins a popular healthy snack!

I hade this great idea, it was brilliant! I was totally going to stop eating candy for a week. After that week I would allow my self to having a moderate amount of candy,
like a normal person would. So I went to the nearest supermarket. Happily skipped along the isles and smirked at the candy calling my name from the shelves; Dear Lillsisslill we mean you no ill, we will be your friend until the sweet end!!! I just kept my cool and went on by, not even flinching…I was a woman on a mission. And then I saw her, the prettiest girl in the store. Her beauty was… how I can explain this, I heard sweet music,
the angels where sinning, La la la la la. A little bird flew by, there where lions cubs wrestling and Bambi skipped by. It was love at first sight, her hair, the colours around her, and the way she held the little nuggets of youth in her hands. I just knew she was there for me. Her name was Sun-Maid. I trembled when I gently took her down from the shelf and into my hand and said; I’m taking you home with me. She looked me strait in the eyes and tilted her head, she smiled. We went home hand in hand, my home, her new home, our home. I left her alone for awhile to get settled in. Later that evening we sat together in front of the TV. I gently brought her to my lips….I was nervous, and then…..she got stuck in between my teeth, she was all over. It started to really irritate me. I was missing the chocolate that’s supposed to be covering the raisins. I started to hate her, she had promised me to be sweet, and much better for me. Lies, lies, and moor lies.
I was fed up! I hade have enough. I felt mislead, fooled….the love affair was over.

“Sun-Maid raisins and dried fruits meet the healthy living guidelines for the daily eating”.

Where, oh where do they tell you that you will go insane?

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Anonymous said...

Darling Sister!
I'm so sorry that this love affair of yours didn't go your way. We were so hoping that it would!!! Don't give up, love can be just around the corner again...

I'm just saying dried figs!!!