Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hey you old people!!!

It started like a regular Thursday. Work and more work. I took of early from work and had a bath. The music was on super loud while I put my make-up on. Jumped in to my party gear. I was ready for the night to begin. We meet up art Bigsiss house for drinks. It was me, Jean bigsiss and Chichi. It was great fun. Then we went out on the town, we weren’t totally agreeing on where to go so we draw sticks. I won!!! When we came to the place I wanted to go to it basically sucked and I gave in to they’re will. I’m such a good friend! We strolled along to the other place they wanted to go to. There was lots and lots of cute guys out that night, and that’s always fun! The place has three dance floors with different types of music on each floor. We went to the bar at the top floor where they play old school music. The music wasn’t that fun to begin with but it got better and better. The girls said the it was the tequila that made the music better, but since I don’t drink tequila I don’t think that was the case. We danced like crazy. With each other, others and alone we where all over the dance floor.That is one of the best things of having left the self-conscious days of twenties behind us.You just don’t care if you look silly and out of style on the dance floor. You just go out with your friends and the fun and dancing is what it is all about. If anyone think that you look like a wild psychos on the dance floor you can always blame it on your old age, and that you are suffering from early stages of Alzheimer. Then they take pity on you and think your one hot mama!!!
I really love to dance. The best thing of the whole evening was that I hade such a good time with the ladies. No work, kid, smelly dippers, husbands or dirty dishes in sight!
Okay I’m sorry to say that the evening took a few years of my life. I wasn’t in bed until five in the morning and that is not something that old ladies like us bounce back from easily.

Friday, had the day off from work. I hade breakfast with Bigsiss at the new coffee house down the road from her. At what time you wonder? I can only say that it was early in the day (embarrassed to say that it was at 13:45). Large latte, croissant with marmalade and toped it of with a chocolate Croissant. Bigsiss had a Greek salad and a glass of water. She is such a healthy elder. When she started to talk about carrot juice I almost lost it. We took a walk after the breakfast looking for the mother of chocolate cakes. All hope is not lost, there is still hope for her!


Anonymous said...

What's that about a cake? I have no memory of any cake...

Anonymous said...

So, my turn to leave a comment!! Havn´t been dancing much lately but godd*mn what a nice time we had!! Jean