Friday, September 21, 2007

*Live *Love *Laugh*

A tiny lazy Lill update 10/1/07
The OLWteam put my layout in the "catched our eye" gallery! Yay!
Thank you OLW !!!

(a message to my family, skip the second song if you want, It goes over to What a wonderful world)

I’m posting a picture of a happy moment today because I was very low yesterday and I could really hear my dad asking my mum- Margaret what is wrong with that girl?
And then telling me – It’s okay Lilly
He always used to say the what ever happened, even if I did something really bad or wrong
–It’s okay Lilly.

Hakuna matata, Hakuna matata, Hakuna matata, Hakuna matata!!!


Nessa said...

your layout is pink so.......i love it!!! congrats girl, i love

Kim (aka KJConners) said...

Fab LO!! Made me smile!

Lizz said...

Love love love that page!