Saturday, December 1, 2007

Today I’m going Christmas shopping!

Yay it is going to be great, I have been looking forward to this for so long and still it is a bitter sweet feeling.
Today is World Aids Day and my thoughts will be with all the people around the world and especially the children that live with/have had their life’s changed by HIV/AIDS.

At first the only thing I can do is count my blessings and appreciate what I have, for my family, my friends, my home, my work and the list goes on and on…
If we get sick in any way we have it all, weather it would be a cold or something severe we have it all, paid sick leave, health care, economical and psychological support systems.
Not everybody has the fortune to bee born and raised in a world that is educated and with a good and affordable healthcare covered by insurance and taxes.
But most importantly I will never forget what I can do to contribute so that the people living with HIV/AIDS can get medicine to ease the suffering and a chance for a better life.

My thoughts and awareness goes a long way but most of all can my actions make a difference,
for every Christmas gift I buy I will donate money. It is my responsibility too never forget or be ungrateful for what I have and neglect what I can contribute. Every penny, cent and dollar is better than doing nothing.

For many people World Aids day is every day.
The organisation I will be sending my money to is UNICEF to keep showing my support of their work.

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