Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Okay mama fess up, how many times today have you looked? LOL!!! Did you think I wasn’t making you one?
Here it is!!!

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday Dear MAMA

Happy Birthday To You

Love you and see you in exactly 30min (or so).

Today is my mum’s birthday and that calls for a celebration. To those who don’t know her here are a few words to describe her

My mum is;
·Kind= always there supporting and pushing when a push is needed.
· Caring= we couldn’t get by with out her, even if we are all grown (we need our mama). And we all sometimes pretend we don’t, but in the end we all do.
· Creative= they based the character MacGyver on her, for real why would I lie about a thing like that?
· Intelligent = knows everything about everything, sort of like a dictionary. Trivial pursuit or Jeopardy not recommended with her if you are a sore looser.
· Loving= she is a mama and a good one, mind you she irritates me sometimes but that is mostly when she forgets that I am totally beyond change when it comes to taking care of a household.
Update; Love you and see you in exactly 5 min (or so). Could go on and on but I’m running late (Note to self; Listen to mama do things so that you are not out in the last minute)

Gotta go or she will get cross with me….


mom said...

Thanks for the nice words. I love you too even if we sometimes disagree. That is only because we are so much alike. Did you know that?

Magpie said...

Lovely layout! Happy birthday to your mom!

Jess said...

Oh - happy birthday to your mom! And a cute design too. :)

BigSiss said...

Heard you had a great day Mom and a super yummy dinner! So happy for you guys!

Lillsisslill said...

Dito!!! And I know mum:) and thanks for dinner, thanks for dinner, thanks for dinner, thanks for dinner, (she gets super annoyed when I say that several times in a row) :)

Cutie we missed you &co!!!
Wish we could live closer, at least on the same continent! Skype to the rescue!!!
Might just start the summer countdown soon, only 147 days left…or not, to much work;), sticking to the 10 day countdown :)

xoxoxo Lillsisslill

china59 said...

Owww lovely lo !
I'm ROTFL about the McGyver thing !