Sunday, January 13, 2008

Random thoughts...

...without any sense what so ever.
The picture has nothing to do with my ramblings about bacon,
its just that I eat the bacon (The Lillsisslill) before I took a picture of my plate
and then I dident feel like posting it. It dident look good all emty.

There is just something about bacon. Not the actor or the painter just regular fried bacon. The way it smells and sounds while it is simmering in the pan in its own juices. There is as far as I know nothing within the food category that is not combinable with bacon. It goes well with pasta, rice, potatoes, bread and cream ahhh with cream it is absolutely fabulous. Call me Bananas but I think it would even work with bananas. Think Elvis did that? Have to Google….(Yup, yup recipe down below). I started thinking that if I could have a bacon perfume that life would be just perfect, then I realised that I was taking the whole bacon obsession to far, but there is most definitely something about bacon. I love it!!!

The Elvis
Recipe courtesy Peanut Butter & Co.

2 tablespoons butter, softened

8 slices white bread
1/2 cup smooth peanut butter
1 large, ripe banana, sliced
1/4 cup honey
12 slices bacon, Sauteed until crispy (optional)

The Lillsisslill
8 slices bacon, Sauteed until crispy (not an option)
Fresh pasta, enough for 2 really big guys
1 cup of cream (light cream if you are on a diet)
1/4 teaspoon salt1/8 teaspoon pepper

Cook the pasta while you are frying the bacon. Do not baste off the fat as it accumulates in the pan. You will need it! When the pasta is done rinse of, then pour it in to the frying pan with the bacon and then add the cream. Stir until the cream is almost fully absorbed into the pasta.


MsGrace said...

I had fun just going through & looking at all of your work...fabulous.

Love that you posted about bacon.


china59 said...

Mmmm, I'm afraid I can't follow you there, I'm a vegetarian ! lol !
Could you do this post again about cheese ?

Jules said...

Your layout is absolutly beautiful. I am going to go home and try and use the Orange ink I bought and have never used!