Sunday, January 27, 2008

Random thoughts...

...Am I crazy for blogging something I wrote to someone? So be it! Never pretended to be anything else.
here it is…

Title; Oh no, Dana you di'n't!!!! Get in here right now!!!
Content; I am so excited!!! I am almost out of words, but not quite. You (I’m gonna say it) CRAZY woman!!! The stuff is just perfect! The mix of buttons, pp, ribbons, tags…..even some Hello Kitty….oh I love it, I love every thing you sent me!

I just picked up the mother of all boxes of goodies from a Dana. Let me tell you when they gave it to me I ran home like a lightning from the post office with the box in my arms, like a babe (one heavy babe). What more can I say than THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
Sweetie I love it!!! I want to walk down the aisle with this box!!!

Note to self; Get camera back ASAP and take pictures of all the goodies. And blog this rambling so that everybody can know how great Dana is!!!


Who is this Dana I am talking about? It is the marvellous Dana Kemp from The Dozens

Picture update 02-02-08 :)


Bigsiss said...

I want a Dana too! So glad for you siss that you'r happy!
That makes me happy too... so thanks a million for that Dana!!!


Lillsisslill said...

If you move back home we can share our stuff, Okay!
(Trying to fool her and hoping she will go for it;P. This would be a good deal for me since she has tons and tons of SB stuff!!!)

Or we can do like this; when I take the pictures and post them you can pick anything you like and I will send it to you:). If you’re happy I’m happy. Love you!!!

Holly McCaig said...

thank you for your kind words at pink paislee about my designs!

much love,