Thursday, January 31, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about how glamorous life is as a designer!
Okay so have been working a little bit too hard lately and not eating “PROPER”. My Dr would probably smack me…yeah or what ever. It’s my life woman!!! There has been a lot of chicken nuggets (several times this week, can’t help it they are just so cute and round and they really want me to eat them) and coffee and that brown soft drink made by the devil. Not the light kind, don’t like it. My friend Chichi has started to call me Mc Nuggets and is really concerned that I (in her very loud words) –DON’T EAT SOMETHING GREEN WITH EVERY MEAL! Today I took her advice and had lunch with my lillsiss. I hade a turkey SALAD with nasty fibre pasta in it and my lillsiss had dead fish and other kind of deceased underwater creatures on rice also known as a Japanese delicates called Sushi. Any I bought a turkey SALAD to have for dinner. I just eat my SALAD in front of the computer and it was still quite boring so I took one of those cheddar cheese dipping sauces and poured over it. Made it a little bit better. And then I eat my crisps= potato= good for you, that is why they serve it to small children. And drank some clear soda, not the brown kind=clear= Good, like water but with a nicer flavour. And I eat my bag of dried fruits= Vitamins= Will make me healthy and alert.

And yes I am going bananas!!!


ScrapFairy said...

I hear ya, I never eat right, green what's that?

BigSiss said...

HEY Scarpfairy!!!
Don't you dare encourage my sister!
Go green! Go green! Goooo greeeeen!

Mmmmm yum yum give me some!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with big siss. The tounger one is all over me to eat healthy and just see what she lives on. Live would be so dull without greens. I know you love them anyway. You just dont feel like preparing them. I know you.

Marlies said...

Thanks for making me giggle... ;-)

Anonymous said...