Saturday, April 26, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about how I yesterday went out with some friends and had a great time. But since I am a very, very old lady it is no walk in the park the day after the night before. So my plans for today was; SLEEP ALL DAY!!!
10:05 in the morning a telephone call from my mum, not an e-mail or a textmessage but a telephone call...
Me- I was sleeeEEEPING!!!
Mum- good morning, are you still sleeping?
Me- mmmm....
Mum- Barbie is braiding her hair at the hair saloon so Ed and Alli is here, we are going to take Poppe (the puppy) to the park, the one behind your building. Why don’t you come?
Me- uhhhhm because I was sleeping and I am planning to sleep all day today?!
Mum- Barbie is coming back for a late lunch and then we are all going to the stables. And we also have to go and look at a gazebo that Barbie wants to by for her garden. Why don’t you come?
Me- Okay, I will call you later......I have to sleep now......

I put the duvet over my head and tried to fall a sleep again. But no such luck. And then I tried to find the ultimate sleeping position, I rolled around in the bed for ages like cotton candy being rolled on a paper cone. Then I gave up, went up and made some coffee. Returned to bed turned on the telly and had my coffee in bed. Called my sister Andy talked for quite some time until (Mum she used a bad word, a really bad word. It was really bad and I will not repeat it) she realized that she had a meeting and really had to go. Got dressed and strode like a princess in my usual manner to mum’s house. I was late for lunch (yikes) and I didn’t feel having what they had for lunch (I am not a brat just particular when it comes to food) so I had some bread. And we had (more, yay) coffee and glazed vanilla Danish pastry. Then we hopped in to the car and went to the stables that are near by. Stable, stable, stable, stable, stable horse shit, stable, stable, smelly cows, stable, stable, cute sheep, stable, stable, stable. We sang for the animals. “If we could talk to the animals, learn their languages. Think of all the things we could discuss. If we could walk with the animals, talk with the animals, Grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals...” Hopped back in to car looked at the gazebo. On the way to the “gazebo store” we stopped at an mega big outlet place and looked around. Me like the country side.... Barbie bought a gazebo (love the word) that will be arriving tomorrow. It is really big so it will be/look great in her garden this summer. All of a sudden we all felt hungry and realized that it was time for dinner. None of us felt like cooking so we had dinner out.

I totally for got to take a picture of myself with the animals that I talked to:( Or maybe that is a good thing because I don’t look so good today.

Over and out
Captain No Sleep

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