Friday, April 25, 2008

Random thoughts...

This was in my scrapbook and snack goodie pack from bigsiss.
I love chocolate, wafers and OREO’s and this is like all in one.

...about my week; Sometimes I wonder where the time has gone. So I will write what I have done as far as I remember this week (getting old and loosing my memory). Probably not that interesting or you can see it as a study in human...what ever, cant make it sound more interesting than it is. Here goes

Monday; Dr appointment and meet the nasty nurse from hell in the reception that irritated me and some work. Had dinner at mum’s house.

Thuseday; Dr appointment at the Dr now known as Dr Mc Oldie thanks to Jean. Ice cream with miss H and worked in bed. Had a boo boo :(

Wenesday; Oh some more work, how special...oh I am a silly woman and I worked until five in the morning, well that is just what the Dr ordered isn’t it.

Thursday; more work and at night I went out with Marw*, miss H and Chichi and some others to a club that a record company had for a “label birthday party” celebration. Some of the bands from the label played (they sucked, not all of them but most of them. Not my cup of tea). They gave us records/gift bags and I was like well behaved and said thank you. Will listen some day and see if I like it...

Friday; Yay weekend!!! Let’s see what today brings...My only plan is to work and then go to a club with miss H and some friends.

Jean have a great time and relax on your holiday in Greece or I will smack you when you get back. You better lie if you didn’t enjoy it!!!

Happy Friday


*My BIL Marw was here on a business trip this week always good to see him outside of Skype:) He brought me some (lots) of gifts from my bigsiss. He actually gave me the gifts on Sunday when he and his dad came over for afternoon coffee at mums house but well, well...long story.

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