Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Random thoughts...

Incredibly louse pictures are here mainly to irritate the name calling
finger pointers. Please note Hello Kitty somewhere in the picture.
..about how I have a BOO BOO!!! I had another appointment at the doctor today. I was there yesterday as well and met a nurse from hell, I tell you from hell. But that is not important she was just the sourpuss in the reception. I want to tell you about My Dr, he is so nice. If he was 40 years younger give or take, I would totally have a crush on him, in a good way not lovie, lovie want to marry.( Miss Jean get your mind out of the gutter, and keep on reading. I know you are most likely going to be upset with me for writing this :( Honey don’t forget my Boo boo I am weak and fragile of pain while writing this, love you:)). He is just such a nice person. Don’t know why anyone would have spine and back stuff as their speciality but he is really a nice person. Anyhow I have been called melodramatic once or twice in my life, I will not argue with the name calling finger pointers at this moment. But heck ya’ll it hurts....and there was a lot of blood taken from this little body today.....and I am getting my famous allergic reaction from the band aid (insert sad and pathetic smilie). This is my boo boo and I just want to share. I was at the Dr for a check up of my back. And the best thing was that after taking the x-rays of my “slightly” curved spine I asked if I could see it on the screen. So I was showed my spine, close ups of my lumbar vertebrae, sacrum and pelvis. I always ask if I can see. I love seeing my own body from the inside (is that strange?). But the first time I saw my brain it freaked me out a bit. After the Dr I meet up with Miss H and hade ice scream. The Dr warned me that after the examination that I would get pain from all the twisting, bending and turning and yes the pain is starting to kick in now....

Note To Self; Remove butt from chair and bring laptop to bed.

Over and out



aww.. I hope your pains go away rather quickly. I did not Hello Kitty..she should put a smile to your face!!! Get better soon.

Debbi T said...

Awww...so sorry about your boo-boo. I feel your pain. I have a boo-boo, too!

I enjoyed your playlist on your blog--such a fun mix!

Feel better! Hugs to you!