Monday, April 21, 2008

Random thoughts...

Photo by the ab fab Chi chi:)
..about my LO for this weeks Colour Combo at Color Combos Galore. An LO about me and my bigsiss:) Journaling reads; You are my mirror image and I am yours. People always say that we are so much alike until they really get to know us. Then they see that we are totally the opposite of each other. Long/short fuse. vego/ meat eater, tidy/ messy the list goes on and on. Even the birthmarks on our backs are the total opposite, where you have a dark patch mine is lacking of pigmentation. I think that it’s the contrasts in the core of our personalities that make us the unique combo that we are.


*And yeah we are trying to look cute and innocent in the picture:)*

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Sarah C. said...

Beautiful page! Love the colors & turned paper corner. tfs! :)