Saturday, July 19, 2008

D happy, D happy!!!

“D happy” that means that Dj is happy and that he had a really good birthday:) Yesterday was Dj’s 2nd birthday. We woke him up with breakfast in bed, his favourite “berry” strawberries with vanilla/custard cream. He was so into the “berry” that he almost forgot to open his presents. The common theme in all the gifts that we all gave Dj was that they all had something motor related in/on it. In the afternoon there was a small family B-day party. We had a really good time and then for dinner my bigsiss and lillsiss and co had pizza for dinner. Me and the kids really enjoyed the cuisine of the day:)

Will come back and write more and post more pictures:)

I blogged about his birth last year (link here:))
Over and out...

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~*{ Michelle }*~ said...

B-days are just so much fun when they're so young! Glad your took loads of pics. Glad to see the little miracle is looking so happy and healthy! :)